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Zombie Survival Guide: The Chainsmokers

American DJ duo (not tobacco enthusiasts) answer our apocalypse questions to see whether they would survive or perish. They’re ain’t no #Selfies in the new world, but at least they have Russian war helicopters.

You’re in the centre of a city when you get a news alert saying there’s is zombie outbreak in the capital. What is your first thought?
Okay well that depends a lot on the city but let’s assume we are with our girlfriends in NYC… We are actually prepared for this cause we bought a solid inflatable raft and pump that in the event of an emergency like this we would blow up and get to the Hudson river pop it in and just float off… not joking.

What weapon would you choose to fight off zombies?
We would fuck with this Russian crocodile attack helicopter I was just reading about.

What supplies do you gather?
Lots of water, antibiotics and powerbars.

Where do you hide out?
We would probably head to the mountains in Vermont or New Hampshire and just keep heading north! Not a fan of the cold but this is survival.

If you could make up a team of expert zombie killers, who would be in it?
Seal Team VI for sure, they probably wouldn’t be a lot of fun but they would keep us alive and we would throw Kevin Hart and the Rock in the mix too.

What form of transportation do you use to avoid zombies?
That attack helicopter we were telling you about earlier…


If you were bitten on the arm, would you chop it off or turn into a zombie?
Chop it off for sure!! Are you kidding!

If supplies ran low, would you resort to cannibalism?
Nah, supplies would have to be totally gone to resort to that and like long, long, long gone, this isn’t the Oregon Trail…

What would your end of days outfit consist of?
Some Yves Saint Laurent. Go to hell looking fresh!

What will you miss most about civilisation?
Porn and LTE cellphone connections.

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