5 Women’s Grooming Products All Men Should Own

It’s time to stop stealing from your girlfriend’s corner of the bathroom.

Now that gender equality is steadily progressing and the stigma surrounding male grooming has all but disappeared, there’s no shame in men taking a bit more pride in their appearance. And while the male grooming industry is rapidly expanding, it still doesn’t begin to compare with the variety that the well-established world of women’s beauty has to offer. So why not invest in some women’s products for yourself? You might not be quite ready to start wearing guy liner and layering on the manscara, but this list will give you an idea of some simple women’s beauty products that will transform your grooming regime forever.


1. Oil Absorbing Sheets

A man’s skin is structurally very different to a woman’s. Not only is it 25% thicker, a man’s skin will also produce a higher amount of sebum after puberty which in real talk means that a man’s skin is naturally much oilier. So why not buy a pack of oil absorbing sheets? Pat one over your face during the day to soak up excess oil and eliminate that unwanted shiny beacon-face look.

2. Moisturiser with Added Sunscreen

Men also have a higher collagen density than women, which is a directly related to the signs of skin ageing. Thanks to this, men age better than women, with a man’s skin allegedly appearing 15 years younger than a woman’s of the same age. The only problem is that on the whole we don’t take care of our skin as well as women do, so the difference in skin-age is not as obvious as it could be. A simple trick? Sunscreen. Find a daily facial moisturiser with added sunscreen and your skin will be protected from the ageing properties of UV rays while also feeling softer and generally more hydrated.

3. Foot Scrub

Whether you work them all week on the footie pitch or prefer putting them up in front of the tele, you shouldn’t neglect your feet. A good start on the road to healthy feet is a simple foot scrub which will work wonders after continued use and doesn’t require too much effort. You just rub some into the soles of your feet while you’re taking a shower and the exfoliating beads will remove any dead skin and leave your feet feeling smooth and fresh. Because let’s face it – no one likes a crusty foot.

4. Hair Mask

Turns out masks aren’t only for your face: they can be for your hair too. And if the extent of your hair care regime is a 3-in-1 special from the bottom shelf of the supermarket then you should get your hands on one of these sharpish. Lather it on after your shower, leave it for a few minutes and you’ll be instantly rewarded with a deeply conditioned, super shiny and maybe even sweet smelling new bonce. Go on – treat yourself.

5. Concealer

Why do girls always seem to have clear and blemish-free skin? Well actually a lot of them don’t: they’re cheats and the secret is concealer. An essential quick-fix product, concealer comes in liquid or pressed form, serving to cover up small imperfections and spots on your face and neck. It’s just the thing to sort you out pre-date and it’s so subtle you won’t look like you’re wearing make-up at all.



For more tips on how to make the best of your skin and hair, check out our full selection of guides on all things grooming.

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