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What Love Island’s Eyal Has to Say about Fashion, Food and Curly Hair

Topman chats to Love Island’s Eyal to dig for his latest men’s fashion tips, his lifestyle choices and why so many people just can’t say his name.

From his go-to cuisine preference to the biggest fashion mistakes that all men can avoid, Eyal Booker opens up to Topman for a speed round of Q&As. Inspired by all of you, we asked Eyal the questions you threw at us during our Instagram story session supporting our Eyal X Topshop/Topman Personal Shopping competition. Here’s what we found out:


College is starting… what jacket should I invest in?

The jacket you should get for school or college should be a denim jacket. You can never go wrong with a denim jacket – you can get a navy one, a black one or – if you’re feeling a bit out there – a white one. Denim always works; pop the collar and you’ll feel good all day.

Summer fashion or winter fashion?

Winter fashion! You can layer up which means you can wear more. I feel summer slightly restricts you whereas you can genuinely look cooler with lots of layers… and then you can take them off slowly *laughs.

What are your best fitness tips for when you have a busy schedule?

When I’m really busy I tend to do a 20 min HIIT [High-Intensity Interval Training] workout at home. Work with high intensity, high reps and low weights for around 30-45 seconds on and 15-20 seconds off. Create yourself a little circuit and go around that about 4-6 times.

Eyal Booker For Topman

Are you a fan of man bags and if so, what style?

Bags under my eyes? No. I’m also not a big fan of a satchel… I feel younger guys should really stay away from those (plus I think they’ll give you a bad back). I am a fan of a good backpack, though – they’re just great, you can pack a lot of things in them. I do like detailed backpacks but it depends on what you’re wearing. If you like a simple outfit then wear a detailed backpack but if your outfit is loud then a subtle backpack will go much better. I also like a bum bag or a cross body bag. If you’re going to a festival or you’re wearing skinny jeans and you can’t fit everything in your pockets, these are great. Try not go to too big though… you don’t want the bag to take up your whole body.

And what about hats?

Yeah, hats are good when you can’t be bothered to do your hair. I like hats but I don’t like flat caps – I’m more of a trucker style guy. Again, I think guys should keep their hats plain and simple. Anything too loud up there is a bit much.

What’s your favourite place to eat?

My favourite place to eat?! I’m not too sure… it varies on what day I wake up on. Hmm… It’s got to be either Nandos (because you can’t go wrong with a Nandos) or an Asian fusion where you can get dumplings or dim sum.


What’s the biggest fashion mistake men make that is the simplest to fix?

For me, the biggest fashion mistake that men make is wearing socks when they shouldn’t. If your ankles are out then realistically you should be wearing a trainer sock. If your ankles are out but you need to wear a sock then at least make sure it goes with your outfit, right?

When you’re going out what’s your go-to style?

It honestly depends on where I’m going but I do love a cropped trouser. I wear mine with either a plain tee or a nice free-flowing shirt. I then add a denim or leather jacket and no socks.

Which artists are you into right now?

It’s always got to be Drake and J Cole. I’m a big J Cole fan – I really resonate with his lyrics. I feel that they’re not the standard kind of rapper lyrics talking about things like money, strippers and hoes and stuff.

Eyal Booker for TopmanWhat style suit do you recommend for prom this year?

To really go out there for prom I think you should rock a cropped trouser or a double-breasted suit. Go for one with some checks on there or another discreet, small pattern. You’ll walk in there feeling fly and you’ll look like the sickest man at prom!

It’s Autumn/Winter! Do you have a favourite style/pair of boots?

So my favourite pair of boots has to be Doc Martens. You can’t go wrong with them, they’re a classic boot and they’re timeless. They last years and years and they’ve got a nice fat sole… I like a fat sole.

How and what do you use to maintain your curls?

I really don’t do that much to look after my curls – I only use a curl cream when I get out of the shower. All I do is simply rub the curl cream into my wet hair and let it dry naturally. I find that this gives it the best bounce.

And finally, on a scale of 1 to 10, how annoying is it when people can’t pronounce your name?

It really depends on who it is. My name’s not English so I’m not expecting most people to get it right. It’s Hebrew – my mum’s Israeli. *He says his name (a couple of times) But you see, I say it with a Hebrew twang because that’s how my mum says it. English people say it ‘E-yal’, not ‘A-yal’. If it’s someone who has never met me then it’s not annoying at all because at least they’re trying. If it’s someone that I’ve met time and time again and they’re still getting it wrong, it’s up there with a solid 8.


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