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5 Weird And Wonderful UK Airbnbs To Book For The Ultimate Staycation

Going on holiday doesn’t necessarily have to result in little remaining funds, an irrecoverable sunburn and the soul-destroying wave of holiday blues as you use up the last of your sacred annual leave. Why not opt for a staycation right here in the UK instead? We know: Staycations have a bit of a drab stigma, but we’re here to show you how the game can be changed.

“Hey, let’s go stay up North in the pouring rain for our summer holiday this year,” said no one ever. The UK, admittedly, doesn’t have the best reputation as a holiday destination, but maybe this is because you’re looking in all the wrong places. We’re not suggesting you hop on an inevitably delayed Southern Rail train only to sit in a Butlins knock-off with a tinny and a donner; we’re suggesting you think a little more outside the box. When it comes to living outside the box, Airbnb is your master.

Case in point: These utterly unique Airbnbs, here on home soil and available for you to book right now, might just change your views on a staycation.

A Treehouse In The Isle Of Wight

If your idyllic holiday setting is amongst the stars with sticks in your hair then this, our nature-adoring friends, is the place for you. We love this find; what better place to receive some serious rest & relaxation than in a secluded Treehouse located in Wootton on the Isle of Wight? Regress back to your adventurous state where climbing trees and exploring the wild were the most kick-ass past times, leaving the stress of life behind you for a long weekend. Where do we sign up?

You could execute this staycation with your partner or even with a group of friends as this Treehouse can sleep up to six people (Skins wood party vibes pending – minus the men with guns, hopefully). Surrounded by nature, lock yourself in with a kitchen packed with a fridge, an oven and a stove with other amenities including wifi, heating, hot water and an indoor fireplace for you to hold hands and sing Kumbaya around.

Find your forest forage here.

Isle of Wight Treehouse on Airbnb

The Old Smock Windmill In Kent

Can a staycation get better than this? Picture yourself with a glass of wine (or beer, or vodka) on the balcony of a windmill, overlooking rural fields and a handful of happy chickens which do, in fact, provide the eggs you’ll be having for breakfast. You can indulge in home-cooked meals in the living area, equipt with a kitchen, sofas and a TV before winding your way up the spiral staircase to the aesthetically pleasing bedroom to perform the unmentionables (this Windmill is built for couples, may we add).

The bathroom, situated at the top of The Windmill, is, as far as bathrooms go, pretty bloody cool. You’ve got a fully-functioning glass shower and stand-alone bath right amongst the mechanical workings of the Windmill (which don’t actually work, by the way).

If you ever manage to get bored of marvelling at the inside of the building or you’re simply done being in such close proximity as your girlfriend, then simply head outside for a BBQ, go to the beach, sink one at the pub or go for a walk with the chickens.

Take a closer look at the Old Smock Windmill here.


Old Smock Windmill Getaway

A New York City Style Penthouse Loft In London

There is small, sinful part in all of us that desires the life of luxury, even if for one night only. Pretending we have loads of money, we went on a search for the most boujee looking place – no expenses spared – in our capital, London. We stumbled across a New York City-style penthouse loft that ticked all of the boxes for us.

Based just 50 feet away from Old Street Station, the Penthouse Loft takes up a whopping 1500 square feet – plenty of space for both you and your swanky ego to reside in. With two bedrooms and countless pull-out/sofa beds/mattresses, the host assures you can fit at least 16 people in for the night. East London is infamous for its crazy goings-on so you won’t be short of entertainment for this staycation. There are plenty of shops, galleries and London sights to see in the day for those get-going types; for those who are more accustomed to the London lifestyle, you can request a personal trainer or even a yoga instructor to hold a session in the penthouse (to rev you up for a session in town later, obviously). Stag dos, birthdays or an excuse to run away from the girlfriend’s dulcet tones – here’s your spot.

Explore the Penthouse Loft here.


NYC Style Penthouse Loft, London

The Private Jet in Redberth, Wales

The Private Jet camping experience – ideal for those who want the plane experience without actually leaving the ground…

Glamping has reached new – and slightly odd – levels with this one. We’re not quite sure if it’s all that glamorous, but the ‘experience’ factor is still there, nonetheless. This is a private jet (The Jet Star) in Wales from the 70s – original features still intact – which is thought to have crash landed some while back, obviously. A double bedroom has been built into an extension on the back of the plane (did someone mention the mile high club?) and there’s also a toilet – happy days! The fully covered and well-equipt outdoor BBQ area allows you to cook up all sorts of dishes. Local speciality? Lamb.

Jet off to sunny Wales this summer via this link.


The Jet Star Private Jet Camping

5 Acre Sussex Villa

Who said you have to travel thousands of miles to have a getaway with a swimming pool? True, you may have to pickaxe the ice to gain access to any outdoor pool in the UK, but what about an indoor pool? We can see it all now… a huge house with plenty of bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool, vast gardens and a TV room – you know the drill.

This Sussex Villa occupies five acres in Boarshead (near Kent). It has all of the above: Eight bedrooms for around 16 of you to stay, an indoor and heated swimming pool for ultimate relaxation, huge gardens to sunbathe in or have a kick about in, a separate TV room and a dining area that you can all fit around. The pool is kitted out with a built-in waterfall feature, a swim current machine and a bench at the end with massage jets. Heated at 30 degrees all year round, you won’t even realise you’re in the UK.

Check out the Villa, Green Loanings, here.


Green Loanings Villa, Sussex

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