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How To Wear A Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets are this season’s most sought after layer, with everyone from vintage shops to luxury brands flogging their own versions of the plush winter cover up thanks to the resurgence of it in the streetwear community. But with it being quite a statement you might ask yourself a puzzling question: how do you wear a puffer jacket?

If the last time you wore one of these was when your mum put it on you over your school uniform while you ran to class with a Power Rangers lunchbox, you’re not alone. It’s not as easy as putting one arm through at a time with whatever you’re wearing, one wrong move and it could look like you’re hiking through the Lake District with your grandparents for the weekend. So take some advice away from our guide on how to style a puffer out this season and make sure you do it right.


With A Hoodie

Let’s start off with this simple layered outfit that’s hard to get wrong. Plain is fine, but to really make it pop pair your puffer with a graphic print hoodie from the likes of Nicce and Vans.


With Tailoring

The concept of this is baffling. It should be a look only worn by nervous football managers at the sideline of a cup final, because on paper the idea sounds wrong. But when it’s executed in a mixture of two statement colours it works like an absolute treat. And that’s the trick: to go bold. Don’t half-a-job it and wear it with your regular work suit, release your inner blogger and experiment with a bright and warm colour palette.



When in doubt go black and white. The timeless colour combo spans across many outfits, and puffer jackets are no different. When it comes to the bottom half we’d opt for white, whether that be jeans or trackies. But if you want to be truly different, add a smart retro element with a corduroy texture with these off white cropped joggers.

Off The Shoulder

Will it keep you warm while you line up for 7 hours to cop the latest collab that you’ll probably end up reselling online to be able to eat and…y’know…live? Hell no. Will it make you look like a ultra-hype streetwear god? Yes, yes it will. Take a leaf out of A$AP Rocky’s style book and drape your puffer with a branded co-ord.


With Knitwear

If you want to actually keep yourself warm in the apocalyptic winter conditions coming our way over the next couple of months, you might want to layer up with some textured knitwear. We’d suggest going for a jumper with a funnel neck and zip, the subtle technical detailing that escalated activewear brands such as The North Face and Patagonia into the big leagues of hype beasts everywhere.


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