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How To Wear a Coloured Suit

Wearing a coloured suit can be a bit intimidating: the tone will make you stand out but nobody wants to look like a Purple Rain-era Prince. To make sure that you’re wearing the suit and it isn’t wearing you, your best bet is to work it into the style you already have, whether that means going full out with a tie and pocket square or dressing it down with a tee and trainers. To give you a starter on the styling, we got together four of our our social ambassadors who make it look easy:

Coloured Suits

Frazer Goater
The Suit: Rust Twill Skinny Fit Suit
The key to making this look work is the timeless accessories – the tasselled loafers, navy tie and patterned pocket square all have a hint of 60’s mod but the white shirt ensures the look isn’t anachronistic.


Coloured Suits

Adam Rymer
The Suit: Deep Blue Twill Skinny Fit Suit Jacket
Coloured suits don’t have to be worn as a suit. Breaking it down into its component parts will let you do a bit of Hi/Low dressing, like pairing the trousers with a tailored bomber or putting the jacket with some distressed denim.


Coloured Suits

Janel Korhaliller
The Suit: Deep Green Skinny Fit Suit
There’s something a bit Oscar Wilde about a dark green suit, so lean into the tone by choosing rakish accessories. The silk scarf and suede Chelsea boots give off a louche air but the choice of a white rollneck instead of a shirt keeps the look modern.

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