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How To Wear Brown, Menswear’s Most Difficult Colour

Ask anyone their favourite colour and you’ll always get the same handful of responses: black, red, navy, maybe the odd green. But we’d put money on that no one will ever say brown. You’re more likely to get a response of the rose inspired amaranth before hearing of any toffee inspired hue (don’t worry, we Googled ‘weird colours’, we hadn’t heard of it either). Even the sound of it isn’t really pleasant. Just say it to yourself now…BROWN, it sounds a bit suspect, doesn’t it?

But we want to change the perception of this shunned shade, like when pink was freed of its feminine connotations in the early 2000s to be the statement colour of choice in rugby-esque polo tops. We’re taking brown back from the corduroy blazer wearing substitute teachers that cried when the whole class answered for someone else’s name when the register was taken.

We do understand that this isn’t an easy feat to overcome though. It’s not as simple as investing in a pair of brown cords and going straight to the pub in what you usually wear, as there is a chance of looking like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. And in the 21st century you’ll just look like a squatting communist stoner rather than lovable mystery solver. No, what you need is an expert guide on how to wear brown for men. Brown notes, if you will…


Brown Leather

An alternative to the archetypal black biker jacket that gives your look a heritage vibe opposed to a rebellious down-with-the-monarchy-set-fire-to-Theresa-May vibe. Unlike the classic fitted biker jacket with the side zip, we’d wear brown leather looser with a typical positioned button fastening to bring out its retro qualities. The one thing you don’t have to change though is the white t-shirt, as this is universally accepted across all leathers.

Brown Cord Trousers

A massively on-trend piece right now that fits in with the whole relaxed workwear revival – and it’s easier to pull off this look than it sounds. Just match your top with your shoes (we suggest a white tee and trainers to keep it simple, and you’ll most likely already own these). And, possibly the most important bit, keep your belt and socks black. You might not necessarily think about your sock choice on a day-to-day basis, but most modern brown cords come cropped (and they look the best like this) so your sock game has to be on point.

Brown Tailoring

If you’re going to go for a brown suit you have to go all out with the ‘70s aesthetic. We’re talking wide lapels, double breasted fit, a chunky tie and tassel loafers. You should look like you have your own theme music with the main instruments being a wah-wah guitar and dirty saxophone as you strut down the street. And of course, it’s acceptable to wear brown pieces separately like Mr Andrew Scott above, and team them up with your go-to navy work suit.

Brown With Black

The type of people who believe brown doesn’t go with black also think you shouldn’t have cheese before you go to bed because it gives you nightmares and that you need to wash your hands after going to the bathroom when you’re handling food. Absolute nonsense. A brown leather jacket with a pair of slim fitting black jeans and formal Chelsea boots is a strong, sophisticated look that says ‘yes, I have a good credit rating and I know how mortgages work’.

Brown Cord Jacket

Traditionally, cord jackets emit a lumberjack look, especially when worn with a check shirt. Even more so when you carry around an industrial chainsaw and live in the woods. But these days they’re proving to be a premium outerwear staple that fit right in with Yeezy-esque distressed white jeans and buckled brown boots (don’t worry about getting the browns to match too much, lighter shoes will still work). Or if you’re bold enough, match them with the cord trousers in the first point for a killer combo.


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