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We Re-Live 7 Iconic Red Carpet Looks of 2019

As the year comes to a close, we thought we’d have a mini round-up of seven iconic red carpet fashion moments of 2019. These are the people who we feel have turned heads the most…

Admittedly, picking under five was impossible (so we had to add two more). Opting for icons that were most acclaimed for breaking norms and boundaries, and those who simply just looked very good. Some of these styles are easy to replicate, others may be a little harder (but God loves a trier).

Without further ado…


Ezra Miller

Whenever there’s a high-profile fashion event, you can count on Ezra Miller brining his absolute A-game (or A-games in this instance). A multifaceted look, this actor showcases his idea of blurred roles in one persona. Hair, make-up, nails and embellished detailing, albeit a little uncomfortable on the eye(s), this outfit did everything it was supposed to.



Billy Porter

Broadway star Billy Porter never fails to amaze in the wardrobe sector. His outfits (if you can even categorise them under such an ordinary word) have seen him rapidly rise as one of the most influential advocates of gender-dressing boundaries, stating “I wanted to create a space where we can have a dialogue about the masculine and the feminine and everything in between”. Never shy of a statement (let’s not forget he was carried into the Met Gala by 6 men), we can’t wait to see what 2020 has in line.



Timothée Chalamet

As we watch his career skyrocket every. single. year, Timothée’s style evolves alongside it. He has a stripped-back-chic thing going on where he can take a look as simple as a suit and jazz it up so much that people are still talking about (even though it was just a suit). He wore a hoodie to a premier (albeit it a sequinned Louis Vuitton number) and the internet saw a 192% spike in searches for men’s hoodies following the event. Everyone loves him, and you can’t blame ’em.



Frank Ocean

On the other end of the spectrum, this is one of our favourite red carpet looks for the simple reason that it was, subjectively, the most surprising look of the entire Met Gala. While everyone else was busy flicking through the archives for that one-outfit-wonder, Frank Ocean was looking to the bouncers of, well, any event ever for inspiration. A white shirt, black tie, black suit trousers and chunky books finished with the Prada anorak gave him the self-aware get-up that he was searching for. Complete with a hand held camera shooting back at the press, we think his outfit did all the talking for him.



Harry Styles

Harry Styles is no stranger to a red carpet, but his outfits seems to be getting bolder each time he steps out on one. Now best-known for his flaunty looks, signature braces and wide-fit trousers, his free-reign style ticks all the right boxes. This Victorian-esque sheer blouse showing off his many tats is just one example of his ability to take something simple and make it extraordinary. Oh, and he’s the only guy we know who can pull off his own fan merch.



Stephan James

Stephan James has a real knack for wearing a suit. Always in a cool variation of one (velvet seems to be his favourite fabric), he injects personality into the details. Oversized bow-ties and a statement broach with contrast boots are a big yes from us. These fail-safe looks will always have him looking suave on the red carpet (especially when he coordinates with it like this).



Jared Leto

When your plus one let’s you down last minute. The ’19 Met Gala saw a first as Jared Leto bought himself along for the ride; this look definitely had everyone turning heads. A disturbingly accurate double, this head beats a bag for sure; it’s the ultimate accessory. And as if the extra head wasn’t enough ‘wow’, he thought he’d cover himself in jewels, too. Hey, it’s the Met – there’s no such thing as too much.




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