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Why You Should Visit Manchester’s Suiting Expert At The Trafford Centre’s Personal Shopping Suite

If you’re in the Manchester area and in need of some experienced suave wardrobe upgrades there’s only one man to visit: Arron Dickinson, Topman Trafford Centre’s Personal Shopper and suits specialist. Here we profile the city’s sartorial expert on this summer’s key trends as well as his favourite places to eat and drink, because everyone deserves a burger and a pint after a hard day of getting clothes personally chosen for them #FirstWorldProblems.

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Give us your key styling tip

“Good shoes and overcoats will always make your outfits look great and well-groomed beard and hair always make you look sharp.”

What item must every man have in their wardrobe at all times?

“You can’t go wrong with the perfect fitting pair of black skinny jeans to help any outfit go from day to night.”

The man himself, Arron Dickinson

What trend should we be buying into this summer?

“I love the ‘90s vibe we have going on at the minute, it’s like reliving your wardrobe from your youth. I’d go for double denim and a statement shirt. Topman is great for doing bold shirts and have recently done a collaboration with Liberty Fabric on a range of unique prints. Throwing on a bright revere collar shirt can give your outfit a major boost when wearing a pastel coloured suit.”

Where do we go for a drink in Manchester?

“There’s loads of places, I would say 2022 great for a good dance, ping pong and beer pong which is always a crowd pleaser.”

Where do we grab food in Manchester?

“Refuge is a great place to eat in Manchester and bar is a great place to hang out day or night.”

Best place to catch live music?

“Gorilla and The Ritz, they both do good live music. But if you’re a fan of jazz then Matt & Pheds is the perfect place.”

Who is the best-dressed man in the world?

“David Gandy, he dresses really classy and carries himself with elegance.”

Why should everyone visit personal shopping?

“A lot of guys don’t visit personal shopping for themselves, they have the perception that it’s exclusively for women’s luxury shopping, but that is a perception I want to change. Personal shopping can help you with the latest styles, as well as sorting out suits for any occasion with ease and no stress. We can provide you with a chilled out service which can make your shopping trip fun, not a chore.”

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