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TOPMAN Wears: The Twill Shirt

In our weekly series, TOPMAN Wears, we look at current trends and best-sellers and explore ways that Top Men can (and do) wear them.

This week, a classic. The twill shirt.  Twill is a fabric recognisable by its characteristic diagonal weave and can be made from most fabrics and into most things including hats, trousers, suits, and – of course – shirts. It’s durable and hides stains better than other fabrics,

TOPMAN’s twill shirts are cotton and an inter-seasonal wardrobe essential. Twill has a high thread count so it’s heavier than an oxford shirt but lighter than an overshirt. Generally, because of the weight and texture of a twill shirt, they’re plain as the fabric doesn’t lend itself easily to being printed on. So – all in all – the twill shirt is a classic staple piece that will last for years to come.


When it’s not quite time for a light jacket but we’re also not sure that the heat will last the day, layer up.

A pair of navy chino shorts worn with a long-line white tee (sleeve-length wearer’s choice) is sunshine-wardrobe gold. You can start and end the day with your twill shirt (in either a comparable or complementary colour to the shorts) and when you’re in the park in the heat of the day, use it as a pillow while you sunbathe. Durable – like we said. Pair with a clean, white or grey sneaker and some silver rings for those so inclined.



Job interview? Meeting the parents? Lunch with your own parents? It’s a fine line between over- and under-dressed and twill is how you toe that line. One of its many benefits is that it doesn’t crease easily so even though you’ve ventured to your destination on sweaty public transport, your shirt will still look a-ok.

Our twill button-downs (meaning the collar is buttoned-down to the shirt) are tailored to fit without being snug so when worn with the right jean or smart trouser, you’ve got yourself a sharp look. Keep the colour on the classic end of the spectrum and wear buttoned over a (hidden) tee with other muted-tones. If you get there and realise you look too done then you can unbutton it and maybe untuck the tee.

If you’re sure sneakers are a no-go (and if they are, make sure they’re clean and slim) then a suede Chelsea or desert boot is a good in-between choice.






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