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TOPMAN WEARS: The Fresher’s Wardrobe

In our weekly series, TOPMAN Wears, we look at current trends and best-sellers and explore ways that Top Men can (and do) wear them.

This week, the focus is on the Fresher’s wardrobe. You’ve finished at school, the uniform is no more, and it’s time – for the first time – to truly express yourself Every. Single. Day.

While it may take some time to test the waters and take off the proverbial training wheels, you can’t go wrong with basics. Plus – basics are comfortable and you’re gonna want to be comfortable. If your look is made up of timeless tees, jeans, sweats and tops, it makes sense to invest in those and then you can inject some personality extras like jackets, bags, jewellery and socks.


No matter where you’re headed for uni, it’s gonna rain. Let’s just get that out of that way right now. And while it may be warm now and wearing a jacket at any time in the future seems impossible, it isn’t and you will, and you should stock up while the going is good.

The colours of the moment are stone, khaki, grey and black. They go with everything so are a great investment and the darker shades are more forgiving on a night out, in case of spills. A puffer is key for everyone at uni – late night walks to and from the library in the middle of winter won’t be bearable without one.



T-shirts. In your favourite cuts and in a tonne of colours. A good tip is multi-buy tees are affordable and having two of the same tee you love is only gonna be a good thing. TOPMAN Multi-buys come in vests, long- and short-sleeve so come rain or shine, you’ll always have a clean top to pull on for lectures.

Underwear. Do yourself a favour and load up on underwear. In the first few weeks, you’re gonna be so busy that doing a load of laundry won’t be top of the list of things to do and nothing says ‘bad first impression’ like unclean underwear. You’ll feel more at ease knowing you’re all sorted in that area. Seriously, stock your drawers with underwear.

Socks. Same logic as above and an opportunity to add a pop of colour.



Uni is probably the first and last time you can wear sweats day-to-day. Comfort and warmth are essential for the walk to class, nights out, and less-than-desirable heating situations at home.

If your sweats aren’t in tip-top condition, the truth is they can look gross. The classic sweats colour, grey, is entirely unforgiving when it comes to stains but is a nice middle-of-the-range shade that won’t stop otherwise tidy outfits looking tidy so as long as they’re washed regularly. You can get away with wearing them more often than you might think.

Having a pair or two of joggers is a surprisingly versatile wardrobe move. Cuffed at the ankle and with a tapered leg, you get all the comfort of sweatpants but without the PJs vibe. These can be worn to casual dinners, movie dates, lectures, and for sure the library. Worn with a clean tee, sneakers, and a bomber – you’re getting the most out of style and comfort.

If you want to go comfy up top, a sweatshirt is also a goer. Worn with jeans, a clean sweater or hoodie is appropriate for basically anything that isn’t formal. Ideally not worn with the jogger (unless you’re at home) you’re otherwise free to don this every day. Get a couple, they’ll always be in and romantic rendezvous are prone to borrow.



Adopting a uniform is good planning. You’re a grown-up now and you’ve got bigger fish to fry than fretting over an outfit seven days a week. Find your favourite two or three cuts of jean and get a couple of each. Since you’re already sorted with your tees, you can be sure to have a bunch of everyday looks but you also need some room to manoeuvre your style (as is you won’t as a newly-established happy-go-lucky uni student).

The extras are where you make this happen. Jewellery, zany shirts and jumpers, sunnies, and hats are all easy and affordable ways to make your mark. For the everyday look, try not to wear too many colours at once.




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