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TOPMAN Wears: The Blowout Jean

In our weekly series, TOPMAN Wears, we look at current trends and best-sellers and explore ways that Top Men can (and do) wear them.

A trend that’s been a wardrobe favourite for years – the distressed jean – is going from strength-to-strength with the latest iteration: The Blowout Jean.

Differing from your standard distressed jean, the blow out involves deliberate cut-outs to imitate the real-life rips you get in the knees from overwear. They’re an easy-wearing option for a laidback look (they can’t be dressed up to the point where you can wear them anywhere remotely formal) and a TOPMAN favourite.

Always casual, blowout jeans are a pull-on-whenever kind of option for the lower half and when worn right, make a look that is all over messy-on-purpose or worn to toughen up otherwise tidy outfits.


For those days when you want to look like you just dgaf. And maybe you don’t? The key to this look is that you can be as messy as you like, so long as you’re clean. No stains, no not-meant-to-be-there rips and holes and, on a personal level, you’re groomed.

Start with a more original cut pair of blowout jeans (not too skinny) and a high top sneaker. In keeping with the undone look, the sneakers could have laces tied up at the back or pulled tight and tucked into the shoe. No bunny ears. For an extra point of interest, roll-cuff the jeans and show off a striped tube sock in white.

For the top half, a vintage jacket or bomber and a nice long-line black tee keep things relaxed and if hats are your thing, try with a docker cap (or beanie). Try to avoid awkward bunching – this means if you’re going to add a jumper, make sure it’s errs on the baggy side so it doesn’t hug you.



If the jeans are gonna be the edgiest part of your look (nothing wrong with that) then the rest of the outfit should be minimalist. Clean lines and cuts and just the right amount of casual. For this one, you can opt for a skinnier cut if that’s your preference.

Starting with a jacket – try leather or a classic mac in a shorter length, ideally no longer than mid-thigh, and wear over a casual shirt of any sleeve length or a simple knitted pullover. For a bit of bling, a simple necklace can go over the top.

For shoes – wear a low-cut sneaker or loafer with invisible socks. That part is essential. While not as undone as the previous, they’re still blowout jeans so don’t get too formal with your footwear.




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