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TOPMAN Wears: The Autumnal Suit

In our weekly series, TOPMAN Wears, we look at current trends and best-sellers and explore ways that Top Men can (and do) wear them.

This week we’re going bold. A change of season is coming and you’re gonna be ready in The Autumnal Suit. You mightn’t think, on first look, that this is for you. But trust us, it is. It really is.

Let’s start with the colour. Is it brown? Is it orange? Is it gold? Yes.

Warm and striking, bold but classic. It’s a modern look at a 70s palette and gives off Tarantino-Di Caprio energy that can’t be easily recreated. You want this suit, and this suit wants you.

Now look at the cut. The trousers are like two uniform cigarettes, in case you needed any reminder that you’re in a different time, and the jacket is double-breasted – adding so much more interest than a classic double or triple button jacket.

Finally, the fabric. It has texture and it has depth. Just. Like. You. The weight of it adds warmth for the cooler months of September onwards and easily layers with different top options depending on what the weather is doing.


A common misconception is that suits are formal. Not anymore. Besides the classic (and useful) advice to wear as separates to get more wear out of a single suit – you can still wear them as a duo and not look too formal.

Things to avoid (in order) are: Ties, formal shoes, collars, buttoned jackets.

Keep all your accessories casual and make your first port-of-call a t-shirt or casual shirt. Do like TOPMAN Personal Shopper Tommy and try a cross-body bag (under the jacket) and tone down the suit with a black top. Shoes should be neutral in tone to keep the focus on the suit. Pulling focus to the feet makes the look too busy.

For days that start with frosty mornings, try layering over a thin black hoodie, sweater, or long-sleeve tee and wear with chunky black boots. Ideally, the bottom of the trouser grazes the top of the boot but if they’re too long, roll-cuff them. If they’re too short, opt for a high-top sneaker instead and ensure the sock sits higher than the shoe.



If you want to try with a shirt, it’s still best to avoid a tie. This suit isn’t that kind of suit. It does all the leg work on its own. A grandad or penny collar adds some interest and done up all the way to the top will fit the era the suit provokes.

In colder climes, a knitted black turtleneck is ideal for the sleekest of men and keeps things slick without being too done-up.

A Chukka boot is a good in-between between boots and shoes and formal and casual; wear with black socks. Trainers aren’t out of the question here. As long as they’re clean and an appropriate match for your shirt or knit, it will work with the look. White shirts with clean, low trainers or dark knits with oversize, sock chunky ones will look well thought out enough to not look sloppy or lazy.





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