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TOPMAN Wears: Light Knits

In our weekly series, TOPMAN Wears, we look at current trends and best-sellers and explore ways that Top Men can (and do) wear them.

This week – we’re looking at knits and their versatility in our transition wardrobes – before they become a proper staple and how they work as an alternative to a jacket.

It’s early September and off the back of not one but two massive heatwaves, we’re kinda looking forward to boots, coats, and knitwear. Kinda. We’re always sad to see the end of summer but with new threads this good, it, quite literally, softens the blow.


While it’s still pretty warm for the majority of the day, there’s still the odd rainy or cool day. This is when a light knit is key. They can be added to most outfits and, unlike a jacket, can be stored easily when you want to take it off.

If you’re normally donning a suit at work, a knitted jumper worn under the jacket makes life a little warmer. Since suits aren’t just for formal guys, this doesn’t need to go over a shirt but instead a tee. The t-shirt should have the same neckline as your jumper or at least be hidden – v-neck jumpers don’t go with crew neck t-shirts. Make sure the tee is nice, clean, and complements the colour of your suit in case it gets too warm.


When it’s not quite coat weather, it helps to have another, lighter layer to hand. It’s still shorts-weather and if you’re wearing your favourite pair of tailored ones, a knit it a comparable colour is a good half-way point before the jeans come on and the coats come out. If you think that the bottom seam of the jumper is too tight or doesn’t sit right, try a French-tuck (casually tucking the bit of the jumper that sits anywhere inward of the hips) or go a size up to get an oversized look. You can also push the sleeves up to keep things even more laidback.

To wear with trousers, try over a buttoned-up shirt. This time, you can show off the collar. If you like it preppy, leave the top one or two buttons undone so the colour sits over the jumper’s collar. If you like it a little more edgy, button your shirt all the way to the top. Pair with a pair of original cut jeans or chinos and your favourite slim sneakers.


When you’re ready to embrace knits wholeheartedly, they can stip being an added extra and instead become the hero of your look. The easiest way to do this is with a turtle neck (zipper or classic), mock neck, or bold colour. Wear with your favourite pair of neutral or earth-toned trousers and whichever shoes suit the occasion. A good rule of thumb is that if the jumper is slim-fitting, the shoes should be too.




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