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TOPMAN Wears: The Laidback Suit

In our new series, TOPMAN Wears, we look at current trends and best-sellers and explore ways that Top Men can (and do) wear them.

This week, the not-so-humble suit. No longer just for the office guys, suits are making a big and very relaxed comeback. If you didn’t think they were for you…let us enlighten you.

The first rule of the laidback suit is that it should be maximum two pieces. No waistcoat, no tie. That might sound obvious if you’re rocking ’em on the weekend but it mightn’t have occurred to you for a wedding, or to work when you’d otherwise wear jeans.


Assuming you work in an office that doesn’t require a formal suit, you can get some wear out of that otherwise formal attire during the week.

The easiest option is to stick just with the trousers. Worn with a tucked-in white tee and white sneakers, a darker suit trouser can still look super sharp and not out-of-place. Keep everything else about you undone: hair, beard, the general vibe. Be clean, but don’t be shiny.

If you’re wanting to keep the jacket as a part of the ensemble, try wearing a plain hoodie or a long-line, long sleeve tee underneath and, again, with a smart and clean trainer. Don’t button the jacket and don’t mix with a formal shoe. If you’re going with a dark suit, a trainer can do all the heavy-lifting when it comes to setting the tone. Try this one with a slim high-top and a sock that matches the tee.



If you want to go full-suit on the weekend, wear a colour. This way, no one is going to think you’re off to a wake later. It’s clear that what’s happening here is a look. Keep the trainer very relaxed. If that’s too adventurous for you, try a simple colour but maybe try a check or other pattern that makes a suit look less uniform. Try with a hoodie or sweat or a long-sleeve graphic tee. Wear as much or as little jewellery as you like – there are no rules.



Perhaps the easiest place to wear a suit but maybe the hardest to make it chill. Believe it or not, you don’t need to wear a shirt and a tie to dress to the nines and we’re happy to show you how.

The key is to let the suit itself do the talking. If you like it bold, patterns and pastels are the easiest way to stand out – just keep everything else plain. You can wear a shirt (tucked) if you think the dress code requires it but give a grandad or penny collar a go or, weather-permitting, a plain and simple knit (un-tucked) in a complementary colour; lights with lights, darks with darks. Mixing patterns is an advanced move so don’t attempt without experience. Forego the tie and try a necklace and, for the edgy, some chunky rings




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