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Topman Travels: What you need to know about Rome

The city of the greatest gelato and even better pizza; Topman takes on Rome.

As with most quick – or long – city breaks, there is an abundance of forced information flying at you from all angles. Where to go, what to see and where to stay are shoved in your earlobes nearly enough to put you off going altogether. Nearly…

But we’re here to save you. Topman has travelled (first-hand) to Rome to deliver you some no bullsh*t, no hassle advice on the best places to eat and see as well as where to stay and what to wear. Prego.


Photo Credit: www.hotelpriscilla.it

Where To Stay

The colossal chaos with any city break, figuring out where to stay is the bane of all planning. Unfortunately, it’s also the most important. This is where all too many people go wrong. Either they’re an over-planner who will never be fully satisfied with their choice compared to the pros and cons of the fifty other hotels they scoped out, or, they’ll bite the bullet and go with accommodation number one only to feel despair at what they could have had, had they given it more thought.

To cut the cr*p, here we are (having done all of the extensive research for you) offering you just one, perfect choice. If you’re heading to Rome, you need to stay at the A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel. It’s as easy as that.

Why, you ask, of all the hotels in Rome, should we stay here? Well, this hotel hosts some of the best, including FC Juventus (and us, obviously). It also won’t cost you an arm, a leg and a remortgage on the house. Still not convinced? Listen up, lads.


Photo Credit: A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel

A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel

The Location: 

If you’re an overkeen holiday goer who has already searched up the hotel, yes, you’re right. The A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel isn’t bang in the city centre. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not. In fact, for us, this is what transformed our city break into a holiday (and a well-deserved one, at that). The hotel is roughly situated a 15-20 minute drive from all major points in the city and travelling to and forth these points is made easy and effective with their shuttle bus service. Costing only a couple of euros each, you can get from A-B in air-conditioned bliss. You can check out the scenes as you go (sweat and city mapper free) and save yourself considerable faffing time with taxis and local transport.

Another perk of the A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel not being directly central is the pool and the spa. Yes, it makes a difference, a really big difference. Why? You try finding a hotel in the centre of Rome that has a 300 square metre pool and a 3.000 square metre spa (including an indoor pool), the biggest in Rome, by the way. Fulfil the R&R aspect of your trip with daily visits to the A.Roma Wellness & SPA to chill the hell out.

The A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel Spa

Photo Credit: A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel

The Rooms:

A poxy hotel room in the centre of a lavish city is not what you deserve. Treat yourself, for god’s sake.

We had high hopes for the rooms at A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel, and why wouldn’t we? Every hotel website showcases their crème de la crème rooms, finessed up inch by inch which, in reality, are nothing like they were made out to be. Not here, though. The A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel delivered rooms pretty accurate to any expectations. Modern, clean and classy, even the entry rate rooms feel like a plush experience. Expect turn down services with the occasional chocolate left on your pillow (thanks, guys) and complimentary soft drinks from your fridge every day. 24-hour room service is available too. Make sure you bag a room with a view to die for. Don’t actually die though, Rome is nice so you should see it.

A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel Suite

Photo Credit: A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel

The Food:

You come for Italian cuisine, but you get (pretty much) every cuisine under the sun. Bonus? We think so. If you’ve had a long day romeing around the city, nothing beats a blow-out dinner in the comforts of your own hotel. The restaurant at A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel was over and beyond anything we’d imagined for a mere hotel restaurant. We’d honestly never seen such an impressive dinner set-out in a hotel before. Much like that of a wondrous cruise ship, indulge on their all-you-can-eat buffet of the foods of the world (again and again and again).

By night, venture up to the tops of the hotel to make the most out of their Sky Bar. With some impressive views and even better drinks, no evening is wasted here. The only thing that’ll be wasted is you.

Breakfast and lunches are equally great – a time to stock up our energy levels for the adventurous day ahead. If you fancy eating out, it’s no trouble. Book yourself on one of their many shuttle buses and jet off to your Rome destination of choice (if you can bear to pull away from this hotel).

Sky Bar at the A.Roma Hotel

Photo Credit: A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel

What To See

With any good city break, there will be a handful of pinpointed things you need to see. Even if you have no interest in seeing them, sometimes it’s just easier to go than to answer to ‘you went all the way there and you didn’t see it?” accusations. So, to cover yourself, here are the key bits you need to pack in your diary.

These are pretty much the things you should see when visiting Rome, anything else is a bonus. If you get confused with what to book and where the best place to book is, speak to the hotel. At the A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel, they took our matters into their own hands and booked everything for us on demand. Easy, simple and not ripped off by men who swarm you as soon as you step off the shuttle.

The Colosseum, Rome

Photo Credit: Enjoy Rome

Where To Eat

This bit is a trick. It doesn’t matter what you read… eat anywhere! Follow the sound of the locals to gain entry to cafes and restaurants down little roads. Eat in inconspicuous places that aren’t tourist traps. Find any Pizzeria and sit yourself down. Order beers and sit at the tables that flood over onto the streets. If you overthink your eating destinations, you’re already going wrong. Go with the flow and the good food will follow. Also, Peroni. That’s all.

What To Wear

It’s true: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. However, that doesn’t condone you walking around in a makeshift toga. Italy has a very high sense of fashion, especially the men, so when travelling to Rome, be sure to pick up on some key fashion tips. Most spotted around Rome was, classicly, the suit. Italian men love to look suave in cream or beige suits, often sported with a cropped trouser.


Failing a suit, any cropped trouser will do. Paired with some loafers, you can match a T-shirt or even a casual shirt with the look to give off those effortless Italian vibes. For the colder months, add a pair of vibrant socks and throw on a leather or suede jacket. If you wear white, don’t spill bolognese.


Remember, whenever you go off on a city break, unless you can be 100% sure of the weather, always layer up. Start with a base layer of a T-shirt, add an overshirt on top and take along a light jacket for good measure.


We hope we’ve given you a fun little incentive to jump on a plane to go and explore Rome. Putting it as it is, watch this space for more Topman Travels to further places in the big old world.


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