Sigala and The Vamps
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The Vamps and Sigala Join Us In Conversation About Music, Tour Life and ‘We Don’t Care’

The Vamps – hours before the Chicago show of their US tour – and Sigala – prepping for the drop of his debut album in a matter of hours – stopped their schedules to chat with Topman. 

The three of us caught up on what their lives are like on tour, their memories from making their joint single We Don’t Care and, most importantly, whether they prefer bangers and mash or fish and chips.


Being a multi-million selling producer, artist and DJ, it’s safe to say Sigala (Bruce Fielder) has an action-packed life. Buzzing for the release of his debut album Brighter Days dropping just hours after our chat, he tells us how this album has been 3 years in the making.

Signal: behind the scenes


Brighter Days has more collaborations on it than you’d care to count (he managed to count to 24 before merely stating “with over 24”). Sigala has worked with incredible, high-profile names including Kylie Minogue, John Newman, Craig David and, of course, The Vamps. Sigala and the Vamps’ summer 2018 killer track We Don’t Care wooed their fans completely, a success that was hardly a surprise following the rise of both their music careers in recent times. Commenting on the nature of writing and recording with other artists for the album, Sigala tells us, “Brighter Days has got some ‘older’ stuff in there as well as a bunch of new stuff, too. There are some amazing collaborations that I’m really proud of”. The Vamps’ lead singer, Brad, pops up with “there is one collaboration on there that’s pretty special, Bruce”, nudging towards We Don’t Care. “Yeah, with Kylie Minogue” Bruce laughs.

“It’s amazing when you’ve got all these people coming together to make something really fresh”

We’d always wondered how song collaborations work. Who comes up with the ideas? What happens if two artists disagree and how much of a collaboration is built around compromise? Bruce tells us, “everyone has to be happy with the record; it’s not just my name on it. A collaboration has to be something that everyone’s happy with and excited for. It’s a given that each person has to be involved with each idea that we come up with. It’s amazing when you’ve got all these people coming together to make something really fresh”. What about We Don’t Care with The Vamps, we asked? “I work closely with Brad and the boys on this. We spoke loads and did tonnes of work, always sending over different versions and clips to try out and pass by each other. It was very much an organic relationship”. We wondered whether Bruce has his eyes set on anyone for a future joint track. “Rita Ora”, he admits. “That would be banging.”

This year, we can expect to see Sigala touring his headline shows around UK and Europe. “I’m putting the shows together this week and next week – it’s going to be epic.”

Sigala Brighter Days Album

Brighter Days is available to buy HERE


The Vamps, formed of Brad Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans, have seen huge achievements that have carried them to all inches of the world; considering they only formed around 6 years ago, they’ve got a hell of a lot to show for it. Young, enthusiastic and full of energy, Brad put down an iron – now with a freshly pressed T-shirt for the Chicago show – to turn and chat. “We’re on our US tour at the moment – about halfway through”, he tells us. “We were in Seattle to begin the tour and we’ll be in New York at the end. Soon after that, we’ll be heading to India and South America.”

“The bus is actually comfier than my bed at home”

Evidently, The Vamps are no strangers to being on the road. In fact, they spend most of their time together on either a plane or in their somewhat adored tour bus. “We fly a lot but we’re still silver members”. Not sure whether he was joking or not (is there such a thing as a silver member? – update: Yes, there is) Bruce comes in with “I’m a Gold Member, of course”. Prying for more, Bruce explains how, when touring, there is just him, his manager and the equipment, however, for The Vamps there are far more people with a lot more to carry. “My tour manager will only fly… maybe it’s to make sure we retain our Gold membership! Sometimes it does make more sense to drive; I end up catching around 200 flights a year.” Not letting him have one over, Brad laughs “the bus is actually comfier than my bed at home – you can’t even see the windows, it’s amazing. You just lay in your bunk and it almost Rocks you to sleep.”

Going back to their Tour, Brad explains to us and Bruce how The Vamps have just started playing We Don’t Care in their shows before suggesting to Bruce that he joins them at some point. “It’s the last song before the encore. Bruce, you’ve got to come and see us… or maybe do it with us?”. Bruce tells him that he’ll be in Vegas at the weekend, only for Brad to tell him they left Vegas a few days ago and to sort something out for later down the line. The Vamps are hoping to have some new material they’ve been working on released by the end of the year, so it’ll be well worth keeping tabs on them.

The Vamps, Night and Day

Night and Day is available to buy HERE


We asked Instagram for all your music, lifestyle and fashion related questions for Sigala and The Vamps. Here’s what you wanted to know:

What do you love to wear on stage?

Bruce: I’m really boring, to be honest. I just wear tracksuit bottoms and a white T-shirt. No one ever really sees my lower half anyway… I could be wearing nothing and no one would even know!

Brad: There are some points when you come into the crowd, though. I think that might shock some of them! I just wear trousers or jeans and a shirt, often from Topman! I might try a mankini soon…

When will you start to do your Christmas shopping?

Brad: It’s far too early to even think about that! I’m definitely a last-minute guy. I also like to do my shopping online because it makes things a lot easier.

Bruce: I’m so rubbish at shopping, I find it so stressful. I just do everything on Amazon.

Brad: …or Topman

Which Vamps band member would you describe as the most fashion-forward?

Bruce: I’ve noticed Tristan wears some pretty interesting things. I saw a picture of him wearing a matching Donald Duck T-shirt and short co-ord.

Brad: *laughs. They’re actually his go-to shorts.

Do you all go clothes shopping together?

Brad: I do so much online shopping but it’s always a gamble whether it fits me or not. Not because I’m biased, but Topman is always a good fit. There are just some brands where I order things to find they don’t fit at all. I could get an XXL but it would fit like an XS.

We love your new track ‘We Don’t Care’ how would you describe the track in three words?

Bruce: Big… Party… Vampy.

Brad: Do you know what ‘vamp’ actually means?

Bruce: Like a vampire?

Brad: Well yes, but it’s also a guitar improvisation, like a freestyle… or a woman who uses s*x to exploit men. Make of that what you will…

Bruce: Sigala means pigsty in Estonian. I don’t think I’ll ever do any shows there. Can you imagine? DJ PIGSTY?

Brad: I think it has a nice ring to it.

We are massive fans of James and Connor’s new tattoos; would you get matching tattoos?

Brad: It’s bad but I can’t even remember what their tattoos are! Bruce, do you have any?

Bruce: I haven’t got any tattoos… I’m so indecisive.


The Vamps and Sigala, behind the scenes of We Don't Care



Early night or out ’till early morning?

Bruce: Early morning

Brad: Early morning

Cheese or ham?

Brad: Put them together and you’ve got god’s creation

Hot chocolate or mocha

Bruce: What’s a mocha?

Brad: Mocha

Patterned socks or plain socks?

Brad: Plain

Bruce: Plain

Big crowds or small crowds?

Bruce: Small crowds

Brad: Right now in the US we’re playing smaller crowds which I’m loving

What makes you happiest?

Brad: Talcum powder

Bruce: Doc Martens

Jeans – turn up or no turn up?

Brad: Turn up

Bruce: Turn up

The takeaway of choice?

Bruce: Thai

Brad: Chinese

Jalapeños. Yes or no?

Bruce: No

Brad: Yes!

Bruce: We’ll have to go out for dinner and you can convert me

Fist pump or foot stamp?

Bruce: Fist pump

Brad: Foot stamp

Bangers and mash or fish and chips?

Bruce: Fish and chips

Brad: Bangers and mash



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