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Supergirls Nervo on Collaborations and Their Friendship with Avicii

There’s a reason Austrailian twin duo Nervo have a whole #NERVONATION titled for them. It’s evident through their pioneering nature and, after meeting them, pure natural charm, that they were born for success. Now, as two leading DJs in the business, Nervo are turning heads (and whipping hair) better than ever.

Nervo Interview


“WE LIVE IN LONDON” Miriam announces as soon as she hears our British voices. “We’ve been there for 10 years!” Bursting with colour, smiles and genuinely positive vibes, twins Miriam and Olivia Nervo are full of energy despite having admittedly only woken up a few hours before (by this point it was 2am). We’re backstage in Hï Ibiza – not long before Nervo takes the stage to headline the night – sitting in their dressing room with a drink in hand. “It’s the life of a DJ,” Liv tells us. “We end up sleeping all day because that’s mostly the only time we can.”

They’ve made it, we think. Their lives are full of love, happiness, music and, most importantly, family. Mim and Liv get to travel the world doing what they love and they’ve worked alongside the most incredible people along the way. They both have so many stories to tell, but with the limited time we had, they whizz through some of their highlights. “We worked with Ke$ha when we were both aspiring nobodies – she’s stayed in a bed with us before! We worked together for over a year and now it’s so amazing to see her growing as we both realise our dreams.”

Nervo at Hï Ibiza


“Every single artist brings their own beauty”

2011 saw Nervo team up with world-famous DJ, producer and songwriter David Guetta on their joint track In My Head. “David changed our lives,” they tell us. Following that, in 2015 the girls worked on the track The Other Boys  featured on Nervo’s album Collateral – with Kylie Minogue. “We grew up listening to her. It was also cool because we’re both from Melbourne but living in London – we had lots to talk about.” It would be impossible for Nervo to pinpoint their favourite collaborations or dream partnerships. “Every single artist brings their own beauty. Working with other artists is a beautiful experience.”

“We worked with Avicii loads – he was the melody master”

Right now, the girls have 1.3 Million followers on Instagram alone. They share snapshots of their travels as they move around the world to perform. In September, Nervo shared an unfeigned message on their Instagram in celebration of the birthday of world-class Swedish musician, Avicii. It was so lovely but so sad to read, we admit. “That’s exactly what it was,” they tell us. “So sad, so heartfelt but also very beautiful at the same time. We worked with Avicii loads – he was the melody master. He was such a great guy – always had the shy kid kind of vibe. We’re just happy we got the chance to experience his beauty”. Mim and Liv have integrity that lifts them from the crowd; people aren’t just fans of their music, it’s the girls that they adore, too.

Nervo have lots of new music coming up as well as their residency in Vegas which they have just signed for another year. After that, they tell us they’re excited to be heading back to Ibiza before playing at a series of festivals including the iconic Tomorrowland. “We’re performing in the French Alps as well…that will be epic.”

Interview With Nervo


First thing you do when you wake up?
Liv: Check my phone
Mim: Me too, how bad is that!

Your karaoke go-to?
Mim: Mariah Carey
Liv: Bohemian Rhapsody

Cups in the cupboard. Right way up or upside down?
Both (in unison): Upside down

Best hair gel?
Mim – I don’t even use hair gel! I use hair some hairspray but I can’t remember what it’s called. It’s yellow!

Favourite venue in the whole world?
Liv: My favourite venue to party at is Pacha in Ibiza. It’s a sexy, gorgeous club. It’s not too big, it’s not too small. There are different areas and different rooms and it has a terrace outdoors – It’s just gorgeous

Baths or showers?
Liv: Baths to relax, showers to clean
Mim: I hate baths

Pizza of choice?
Liv: Chicken!
Mim: Pizza Diavolo

Olives: Yes or no?

Rom coms or horrors?

Your first concert?
Liv: Prodigy in Australia

Scariest thing you’ve ever done?
Mim: Jumped off a cliff (only into water)
Liv: And mine was witnessing her do it

Clothes or swimwear?
Mim: Clothes
Liv: Swimwear. You can wear swimwear as clothes

One thing that makes you happy?
Both: Each other

Your favourite kitchen appliance?
Mim: The tong. (I love a chopping board too)
Liv: Yeah, tongs are fun




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