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Adi Gillespie, Brian Whittaker & BORNS – Meet Topman’s Suiting Experts

Wearing a suit shouldn’t be a chore, it should be an event. A momentous occasion you should look forward to. Whether it’s a major life moment like a big interview, first day on the job, being a best man, or going to prom, the suit you choose should encapsulate the moment in all its glory.

But finding a good suit can be hard, especially when it’s a colour other than black, grey or navy. Standing out in a suit should be something we all men should aim to achieve, rather than just blending into a sea of archetypal black suits and white shirts like you’re in a raft of penguins.

To achieve this level of avant-garde sartorial sophistication you’ll need some help, which is why we’ve recruited fitness influencer Adi Gillespie, professional model Brian Whittaker, and singer/songwriter BORNS to teach you how to wear a suit like no one else.

Suits are not a uniform. It’s how you wear it.


Mr Adi Gillespie

What do you like most about wearing a suit?

I think what you wear has an impact on how you feel about yourself. A suit makes you feel powerful and in some way purposeful, even when neither of those aren’t always true.

Why should every man have a decent suit at his disposal at all times?

There is always an occasion that crops up throughout the year which requires you to wear a suit. Having a decent suit ready to go will save the stress of last minute pick ups and trips to the tailors.

How important is it picking the right suit?

We are all different – fabric, style, colour & fit all play a big role in the right suit for ourselves.

What do you look for when picking the perfect suit? 

Suit styles are very much occasion dependant. A pastel green suit with a floral shirt, looking like you walked right off Miami Vice isn’t going to work well at your friend’s wedding. Colour and fabric, matched up with the occasion itself are the first things I look for.

Wearing a suit with trainers – yay or nay?

This can work for the right occasion, only if the trousers are cropped on the ankle.

Can you remember the first time you wore a suit?

Yes, a mini Adi many moons ago as a page boy at my parents wedding.

Mr Brian Whittaker

What do you like most about wearing a suit?

The feeling of floating around with complete elegance.

Do you think wearing a suit gives you more confidence?

Absolutely, when I wear a suit I walk differently, I talk different, and I have a different mindset, feeling like the man makes you the man 

What do you look for when picking the perfect suit?

Making sure the fit is A1 so it compliments my shape.

Would you ever wear a suit/parts of a suit on a first date?

I would but that would be a rare occasion. It changes the whole night because then you gotta go to a fancy restaurant, and do classy things…it gives a standard to live up to.

What kind of suit would you wear on your wedding day?

Something simple but elegant, I don’t want any unnecessary attention, but I still would want that element of class.

Wearing a suit with trainers – yay or nay?

Yay, but not with a shirt underneath, perhaps a tee.

Mr Garrett Clark Borns

You’ve been on tour for the last few months – how do you stay energised and inspired?

The only way to stay energised is to stay active. I do yoga and read a lot on the road.

What are your tour essentials?

A neck pillow, candles and a Hunter S Thompson novel.

You just partnered with Topman on a suiting shoot – how often do you wear a suit?

I’ll take any excuse to wear a suit lately. Topman knows how to make that comfortable fit.

Can you suggest some of your favourite suits?

I like a fitted classic light weight suit for every day and a baggier double-breasted look for performing.

Any suits dos and don’ts?

Just keep it simple. A fresh pair of sneakers is a good way to keep it casual.

Tell us about the Topman suit and how you styled it

I kept the shirt unbuttoned at the top to keep it relaxed and paired it with some leather boots.

Do you have a suit icon? 

David Bowie of course.

What do you look for in a stage outfit? What’s been some of your favourite stage looks?

My favourite Bowie era suits were the baggy ones he wore when he was the Thin White Duke.

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