How to buy a suit
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Topman Personal Shoppers: How to Buy a Suit

One day you wake up with a bold idea in your head: You are going to buy a suit today. You get dressed in a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt, you walk into the store, look around, maybe fidget a little, and then it hits you: You have no idea what you’re doing. Thankfully, TOPMAN’s Personal Shoppers are there to help you every step of the way.

Buying a suit is no simple feat, but our global team of Personal Shoppers make the process a bit easier. From what details to look for to everything that can be tailored (and the one important thing that can’t), Personal Shoppers from around the world share their best tips on purchasing and styling a suit.

How to buy a suit Ryan-Lighfoot

Styling: Ryan Lighfoot

Ryan Lighfoot – New Zealand
“The first thing to consider when buying a suit is where and how you will be wearing it. If you are looking for something for business or prefer a classic silhouette, The Slim is perfect. They come in classic fabrics and are a very versatile style. If it’s for a special occasion, The Skinny is your go-to. It’s well tailored but not too restrictive, and comes in the biggest variety of fabrics for all occasions. When trying on suits, I’d recommend starting with this style. If you just want to look fashionable, The Ultra Skinny is your best bet. Super-tailored, the Ultra Skinny is our closest-to-body fit, made out of stretch fabric for comfort. It’s always good to think about shoes, shirts, ties, what you have in your wardrobe, and your personal sense of style.”

How to buy a suit Nano-Clow

Styling: Nano Clow

Nano Clow – Canada
“Buying a suit should be a process – nothing worthwhile comes easy. With the help of a personal shopper, we narrow down your choices and make the experience much more satisfying. No matter how a suit fits, everything but the shoulders can be tailored, so they need to fit off the rack. The seam should sit precisely to the joint of your upper arm and shoulder. Are you stocky? Wear a single button, it’s slimming and makes you look tall. Broad shoulders? A shawl collar takes down the breadth of your chest. With suiting there are so many options – why not just pick Personal Shopping once and let us do the rest of the work?”

How to buy a suit Rebecca-Parker-v2

Styling: Rebecca Parker

Rebecca Parker – London
“The most important thing for me when dressing someone in a suit is the fit. You can make a high street suit look like Saville Rowe if the fit is right. It is important to also find the right fit and style for your body shape. For example, I wouldn’t put a petite guy in a slim fit suit (which is our widest fitting) as it would drown him and not take full advantage of his frame. The second most important thing for me is the fabric and style of the suit, and that these things match the occasion. I wouldn’t dress someone going to a black tie event in a tweed suit as it simply isn’t appropriate.”

How to buy a suit Beonica-Dunn

Styling: Beonica Dunn

Beonica Dunn – Atlanta
“When my clients come in ready to purchase the perfect suit then it becomes my ultimate goal to make sure they leave the store with a premium, multi-purpose suit. A suit you can ‘smarten up’ and ‘smarten down. My best style tip to have a little fun with the details. I love cuffing the sleeves and the legs to take the seriousness out of a suit. When considering a shirt, try going for graphic tee or a textured shirt that’s more detailed than a blank undershirt. Adding a ball cap, a creative brooch, lapel pins, or pocket squares to an outfit is always a plus, and consider wearing a pair of polished sneakers that have a little edge to them.”


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