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TOPMAN HQ’s Well-Being Tips

With the launch of our new CALM x TOPMAN collection, we’ve had plenty of time to reflect on how we look after ourselves.

The CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) x TOPMAN campaign is all about opening up in order to #LETWHATSINSIDEOUT. We want to encourage speaking up, talking about feelings and listening to others do the same.

To kick things off the conversation, we’ve asked TOPMAN HQ for some of their personal, most helpful well-being tips.




Exercise Is All-Round Good

“For me, it’s most important to make time for runs. This rush of feel-good hormones just makes me feel better and it’s so good for your posture too when you have a job that requires desk work most of the time. I also enjoy meditation from time to time and writing down things that make me happy really improves my level of gratefulness doesn’t matter if I had a very good or bad day.”


Making Time For Family

“When I’m feeling stressed or like I need a bit of time out from real life, I find that going home-home for the weekend is always the best thing for me. I live in the countryside so it’s the perfect break from hectic London life. Plus, I’m lucky that a lot of my home friends still live there or like to regroup there every now and then! I absolutely adore them all (after 15+ years they’re more like extended family) and we have such an unconditional love for each other so we can all just chill out and be ourselves. I’ll spend the whole weekend hanging out with them or putting the world to rights with my parents whilst watching shows my mum likes, like Strictly Come Dancing or Gogglebox. It’s definitely where I feel most relaxed and where I can forget about the stresses of being a self-sufficient adult for a bit. So, long story short, my wellness tip would be to head home occasionally and spend quality time with those you love the most!”


Animals, Always

“Whether it’s a bad day or a bad week, I set off to my dad’s house so I can play with the dog! It’s amazing how much calmer I feel – it helps that he’s so damn cute, too. If you or your family don’t have a pet, try asking a neighbour if they’d like help taking theirs for a walk. There’s also a great company called Borrow My doggy that you can check out – what better therapy is there?”


Tidy Space, Clear Mind

“My wellbeing tip is to keep your living areas tidy. It’s 100% true what they say – a tidy room is a tidy mind. Even if you have a million other things going on, just making your bed or putting your clothes away is a small step that gives you a little sense of accomplishment and means you’ve achieved something productive. Five minutes a day is all it needs to take and you’ll probably notice that you feel a lot less stressed – plus there’s nothing better than coming home to a made bed.”


Food Therapy

“Self-care can come in many forms. I love treating myself to a proper home-cooked meal. It always tasted better knowing you’ve made it yourself. Use fresh, organic ingredients, too. That way you know that you’re not just helping your own body, but the planet, too.”


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