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Our Top 5 Tips for Surviving New York Men’s Fashion Week

It’s hardly exploring the Sahara or navigating the Amazon, but even Bear Grylls might find himself unprepared for the strains of NYMFW. There’s less hunting and sleeping rough, more Uber and air kisses, but you’ll still need our guide to make it through unscathed.

1 – Slippers and loafers reign supreme during NYFW Men’s high temperatures
This NYFW Men’s proved to be a test of cool for those attending the shows in the sweltering NYC heat. Socks (and shoe laces) were optional but definitely not required when it came to the large assortment of slippers and loafers spotted outside of the shows

2 – Pokemon Go
The phenomenon of Pokemon Go broke out just before men’s week, but the busy week of shows did not slow anyone down from catching their beloved Pokemon. Be it outside of show venues, or grabbing a meal before running to the next, editors and photographers could be found scanning the area for Pokemon to add to their Pokedex

3 – Models will always have the best style… without even trying
In a sea of peacocking, those who looked the best were those who tried the least. Models could be found in between shows in their worn in in vintage tees, Dickies shorts, and Vans sneakers. We’d say these were skate inspired looks, but is it really just inspired when they were actually skating the loading docks in between shows?

4 – Your jacket can keep you cool
While the temperature was on the rise this past week in New York City, it did not stop those in attendance from wearing their favourite new jackets of the season. Whether it be tied around the waist or draped over one shoulder, people found alternative ways to wear souvenir and denim jackets in the high heat

5 – Don’t forget your portable charger
With all the Instagrams, Snapchatting, and yes Pokemon being caught during New York Men’s, everyone was prepared with portable phone chargers to get them through the hectic days of shows. With presentations continuing into the late evening and parties starting soon after, there was little time to search for power outlets. These small devices made it possible for the social media content to flow late through the night

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