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Top 10 Urban Dictionary Definitions of 2015

Better than an actual dictionary because it’s free, online and contains rude words – Urban Dictionary is your syntactical saviour when it comes to defining freshly coined words and terms. To celebrate the fact that we’ve wasted literally dozens of working days browsing for LOLs on this site, check out our favourite definitions from 2015.

Note: because Urban Dictionary relies on user contributions, we’ve had to slightly tweak some of the grammar for the sake of our own sanity…but we’ve tried to preserve as much of the original material as possible

When you’re out with the lads and you’re having a look in JD and you might fancy the Curry Club at ‘Spoons but then your mate Callum, who’s an absolute ledge and the Archbishop of Banterbury, says “Oi brevs, let’s have a cheeky Nando’s instead” and you think “Top. Let’s smash it.”
Las #1: Oi mate, fancy a browse in River Island? Just seen a solid 10 bird outside
Lad #2: Na mate, I’m off for a Cheeky Nandos instead.

When someone gets completely destroyed.
“Ella got rekt” 
”Oh my days, Ella got annihilated! #Rekt”

Going more than 25 weeks deep into someone’s Instagram feed and not liking any pictures.
Gurl#1: I was insta-lurking Dequan’s page last night.
Gurl #2: Did you like any pictures?
Gurl #1: Hell no, I was 56 weeks deep into that page gurl.

It means that you are going to go over to your partner’s house and do the dirty with Netflix on in the background.

Where you sit on a toilet seat and can still feel the warmth where the previous occupant was sitting.

When Batman fans try to rationalize that Batman would beat any other super hero because he is Batman and nothing more, when realistically any other super hero would strangle Batman with his own intestines.
Guy #1: Batman would totally beat Superman because he would, like, totally have a back up plan, even with his powers.
Guy #2: That dude obviously suffers from ‘I’m Batman Syndrome’.

The quality of being perfect, or on point.

When hashtags are spoken out loud. Example of someone hashtalking: “They accepted my application! Hashtag-boom, hashtag-slay!”

An exclamation shouted by social media users everywhere when referring to someone without “shoe game”. Originated as a Vine, and can sometimes be funny, but lots of lame people don’t say it with enough force and end up looking extremely awkward.
Kid: Mom, I got one question for you.
Mom: Oh alright
Kid: What are those?! *points to mom’s loafers*

When text is auto-corrected into something sexual.
“I’m excited to be eating some shredded dick tonight!”

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