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This Is How To Wear Denim In The Summer

There’s no need for denim to be limited to the colder months alone; summer denim is very much a thing, and this is how you do it.

Wearing denim in the summer isn’t as daunting as you might think. And no, it’s not some hot, sweaty venture that’ll leave you overheated and miserable. Denim shorts, denim jackets and jeans for cooler evenings – all in whichever colour takes your fancy – we’re going to show you our favourite summer denim looks.


Summer Denim Shorts

Let’s start with something easy: denim shorts. You can pretty much switch out any of your usual summer shorts for a pair of denim ones and your outfit will look just as good. Worn with a T-shirt for a casual daytime look or a shirt for the evening, they’re a fool-proof addition.




Summer Denim Jackets

Next up: denim jackets. Whether you like a light blue wash or more of a toned-down ecru, our denim jackets are the perfect summer layer for breezy days. Layer them over anything to finish your outfit with a cooler edge.




Summer Denim Jeans

Perfect for cooler evenings, pull off your daytime shorts and swap them for a pair of jeans. Light wash, ripped, or black for a smarter look, don’t leave your jeans in winter: they’re made for summer, too!






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