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Thinning Hair? Overgrown Fade? You Need These Styling Tips

Grooming: a sore subject for many as we look into the mirror with unkempt beards and overgrown fades. Fret not – we’ve turned to Johnny’s Chop Shop for some expert answers to the most-asked hair dilemmas.

Recognise the name? Maybe that’s ‘cos Johnny’s Chop Shop usually sits proudly in our London flagship store fixing our hair like the pros they are. And their care doesn’t stop there, either; over isolation, they’ve been kind enough to answer our most pressing hair questions to make sure our barnets stay in shape during lockdown.

Ben Haynes from Johnny’s Chop has stepped in to guide us towards better hair days (and lord knows we need ’em). From what products to style your overgrown hair to how to attempt your own fade (yikes), here’s what Ben had to say…




1. What products should we use on thinning hair?

Ben: In my experience, the best thing to use is our Wild Cat Clay. It gives a natural and textured look, and you don’t have to use much of it. For thinning hair, just make sure you stay away from wet, greasy products.


2. How should I trim my own hair?

If you can go without, I’d really recommend going without! I’ve been sent a lot of pictures and videos of people who have done their own hair and, to be honest, it doesn’t look great. If you need to, a buzz cut is the safest option.


3. What about doing a fade on ourselves?

If you really can’t wait and you want to attempt a fade, start with a grade 2, push the clippers square against your head and go straight up, all around. When you’ve gone all around with the 2, you want to start following the shape of your head with a 1 to about halfway up. Blend in the sections with a 1.5/1.75 and that should give you the temporary effect you need.


4. I’m growing a beard during lockdown. How do I keep it looking fresh?

Don’t touch the bulk of your beard – just wait for your barber to shape it for you. The more you grow it, the more we’ve got to play with when we all get back to the salons! To keep it looking neat on your face, invest in a decent pair of trimmers or scissors and make the beard line nice and straight. Take your time and don’t rush! Use our beard oil and shampoo to keep it healthy!


5. My hair is longer than I’m used to. How do I control it?

Invest in a good product so you can style it. Blowdry your hair back and stick some of our pomade in it. That’ll give you a nice slicked-back style. Play around and have fun with it.


6. What products should we be using with which hair types?

Firstly, our most versatile product is the Wild Cat Clay which works best with most hair types – I use it, too! For the slightly wet look and looser hold, we have our new Dragon Hair Wax which has a slight shine to it. For thinning hair, the Matt Paste goes a long way. Lastly, we have the Builder’s Dust which is similar to dry shampoo – it adds texture and volume.


For more, check out the TOPMAN TAKEOVER highlights and visit Johnnys Chop Shop’s Instagram.






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