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These Three Colours are Taking Over Summer Wardrobes

Every season has a strong colour story, and this spring/summer it’s no different. Meet the three colours that are brightening your summer: Sage, Lilac and Neutrals.

Ok, so neutral may not be a stand-alone colour, but we’re talking all things greys, beiges, whites and creams – soft tones for warm weather that, when paired with the sage and lilac, complement each other like a Call Me By Your Name dream scene. Read on for a closer look at the colours with tips on how we’re styling them out.

Seeing Sage

If you’re one who tends to avoid wearing colour, sage is perfect for you.

Sage, by definition, is a grey-green shade that brings a subtle splash of tonal colour to any look. It’s not a bright, standout green (quite the opposite of the neon green trend we were seeing during autumn/winter) but it’s certainly got enough green to bring a whole new fresh element to an outfit.

If you’re new to this colour, or you simply want to dip your toes into it before diving in, we’d suggest opting for a simple t-shirt to start. Wear this with a pair of stone chinos or shorts and some white trainers.

When you feel a little bolder with sage, try styling a shirt to make the colour more of a feature.




Lighter Lilacs

Lilac can be a bit hit or miss – you either love wearing it or you show it the hand. Either way, it’s well worth giving this colour a try for the upcoming season.

Right now, pastel colours are huge, and at the forefront of this trend is lilac. You’ve seen guys rep pink for years – lilac is no different. It’s a different variation of the pink tone we know and love, so styling it isn’t as hard as you may think.

Because of the obscure nature of this colour, we think you should keep the lilac to the top half of your outfit. Stick to t-shirts and shirts to show off this trend.

The best thing about wearing lilac is that you can choose how bold you want to go with it. Go for a super toned down lilac to keep things muted or go bolder with a darker, more statement variation of the colour.




Not Forgetting Neutrals

Make neutral tones the base of your summer looks. Put aside harsh tones like black and bolder colours like bright red – this summer it’s all about lighter, softer colours.

By neutrals, we’re talking ecru, beiges, creams, greys – all of the warm tones that you can build up. Style this colour story waist down, for example, wear some stone-coloured chinos with a sage shirt to utilise the trend with a touch of colour. Or, for the perfect festival look, partner some grey shorts with a dark lilac t-shirt.






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