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These Are The Most Trending Summer hairstyles of 2019

We’re finally starting to feel that summer heat we’ve all been waiting for. Caps off – it’s time to boast your new haircut in the sunshine. Short on inspiration? Not anymore.

Chatting to Bradley Smith, the Creative Director of Bradley Smith Hair, we’ve gathered insider information on the most trending hairstyles of the summer as well as learning exactly what to ask for in the salon. Your new summer do is just a short read away…




What hairstyles are popular this summer?

The four most trending haircuts we’re seeing are the;

Are these hairstyles influenced by anyone in particular?

The Textured Crop is being repped by Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Louis Tomlinson. We’re loving this style right now.

The Modern Quiff is well sported by Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber – it’s an easy go-to for summer.

Ryan Reynolds does the High & Tight Buzzcut the best!

And as for Mid Length Hair, we love this look on Timothee Chalamet and Kit Harrington.




How can we achieve these hairstyles?

Textured Crop

What to ask the barber:

Start by cutting the back and sides at clipper grade 3 or 4, or opt for a natural scissor-cut approach for a softer look. Leave around 1.5 to 2 inches on top and point cut through hair as this will create texture essential for the hairstyle.

How to style:

Apply a pre-styling agent to towel-dried hair and work it in with your hands focusing on the roots. Sprinkle a dash of styling powder and rub throughout your hair – this will create texture and enhance the shape. For a styled finish, apply a coin-size amount of Triumph & Disaster Coltrane Clay and infuse it in your hands. Work this in from the back of the head forward, targeting the roots for added texture.


Modern Quiff (Side Fade)

What to ask the barber:  

Ask the barber for a fade on the back and sides with the top of your hair blended into the sides with no hard contrast. Leave at least 3 inches in length on top in order to side the fringe, however, too much length will cause the quiff to fall.

How to style:

Apply a dash of sea salt spray onto towel-dried hair as a pre-styling agent. This will assist in giving your hair volume and providing additional hold throughout the day. Blow-dry your hair up and over following its natural growth pattern and finish with a matte paste.


High & Tight

What to ask the barber:

Ask for a 0.5 to fade around the back and sides then a blend into the top with length around a clipper grade 1 for a contrast between the two. Cut-throat razor will give definition maintaining a high and tight style.

How to style:

Visit the barbers every three to four weeks for a clean up to keep your buzzcut sharp. To style, apply Triumph & Disaster Pomade to add a slight shine to the hair.


Mid-Length Hair

What to ask the barber: 

Hair should be grown out to roughly 10cm -12cm. Visit your barber to have hair thinned and to be shaped allowing for easier styling. Cut dead or split ends to encourage hair growth and be sure to visit your barbers or stylist to keep your hair up to date.

How to style:

Towel dry hair or leave it to dry naturally and apply a sea salt spray. This will create texture and volume whilst keeping it natural in appearance. With longer hair, it’s important to keep it refreshed and nourished through weekly shampooing, however, daily washing will leave hair dry and damaged – try and stick to two to three times a week.




Are we still seeing haircuts being influenced by culture aka films, artists etc. or are people trying to become more unique with their choice of style?

I think people are still very much influenced by culture, for example, Peaky Blinders, Thomas Selby’s French Crop was one of our most popular hairstyles. Clients are not only being influenced by watching the show but also by the mass spread on social media and magazines providing how-tos on how to achieve the style.

Most clients will use Instagram as a form of inspiration by showing us a certain hairstyle as shown on a certain celebrity. However, a growing trend is adapting the original hairstyle to your own needs e.g. shorter sides, highlights, etc.


What’s the most fail-safe summer hairstyle for guys?

Short back and sides is a fail-safe hairstyle with many options for men including the textured crop, quiff and side-parting. I would recommend the textured crop as it has a modern edge to a classic hairstyle with shorter sides highlighting the texture on top. It’s a versatile hairstyle which can be adapted from a naturally textured style to a sharp polished look.

If you’re after a low maintenance hairstyle, the sides should be tidied up to maintain sharpness every three to four weeks. The length on top can be grown out and work with the hair’s natural movement to create texture and volume.




On average, how often should guys really be washing their hair?

Generally, on average, about two to three days a week with a deep clean. Daily washing can cause damage to your scalp and hair through irritation and dryness from the chemicals in the shampoo. I would always recommend opting for a natural product to prevent unwanted exposure to these nasties. Also, cold water rinses twice a week will keep the hair fresh but also help breakdown excess product build-up without stripping away the natural oils in your scalp.


Are there any tooling styles every guy should own?

Definitely! And it’s styling powder. It gives hair volume whilst maintaining a natural look. Dry Shampoo is also a great one. It means guys can avoid daily washing of their hair so it remains healthy.




What advice do you have for guys with longer hair this summer?

Keep your hair hydrated through conditioning it to restore your scalp and hair’s natural oils and moisture. The sun will enhance your hair and scalp’s dryness – keep on top by conditioning!

Make sure you take regular trips to the barbers to keep on top of split hairs as this will promote healthy hair growth and avoid your hair getting damaged.

Try not to overuse products. Stay clear of waxes and gels and opt for sea salt sprays or hair tonics promoting a natural look. Just like your skin, protect your hair and scalp with a leave in shampoo or conditioner that contains SPF.


We’re still seeing buzz cuts everywhere. What would you say to any guys who are on the fence about braving the shave?

Before getting a buzzcut, feel your head for any lumps or bumps as these will be visible! Imagine yourself in front of a mirror and push back your hair to assess your hairline. If you feel comfortable then take the plunge. However, regardless of the haircut, always consult with your barber for a second opinion – you’ll thank them later.

The buzzcut is a versatile hairstyle with a variety of variations, however, I would recommend “The Butch Cut” which is a less aggressive cut with tapered sides and grade 3 on top creating contrast. This style is complemented by facial hair.




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