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These 6 Tricks Will Make Your Jeans Last Longer

There’s nothing worse than having to accept that your beloved jeans – your sartorial companion – are on their way out. It’s time to admit defeat and head to TOPMAN to find your new favourite pair. This time around, follow these tips to make them last so much longer.

We all want our jeans to last forever. Through the good times and the bad, they’ve always been there where you need something to wear that you can rely on. The good news is: we get it. We understand that a good pair of jeans is so much more than a quick trend fix. That’s why we’re committed to creating jeans that’ll last you – no more sad goodbyes.

If you’ve just bought new jeans – or you’re wondering how to make your current ones last go the distance – here are our top six tips for achieving the longevity you desire.



1 – Wash your jeans less

‘Wash them less?!’ you ask. We know – but we’re not encouraging poor hygiene so long as you take care of stains by hand, at the time. It’s all down to the fact that your denim will fade with every wash – it’s the nature of the fabric.

If you’re the kind of person who washes your clothes after each wear, have a think about how many more times you can actually wear the item before it gets chucked in the wash basket. For jeans, we’d say you can wear a pair at least 3/4 times before washing them. If you’re worried about being grimy, you can use this simple trick to give your garments more life: pour some vodka (can be the cheapest you can find) into a spray bottle and spritz onto your jeans inside out. The vodka kills any bacteria and it won’t smell like booze once dried. If you don’t want to do that, you can buy fabric-freshening sprays that do the same thing.


2 – Wash your jeans inside out on a cold wash

And, when you do wash them, make sure you clear out the pockets (no surprise tissue shredding here) and turn your jeans inside out and button/ zip them up. By doing this, you’re better protecting the outer denim and hardware (zips, buttons etc) from any fading and abrasion.

It’s also pretty important to keep your washes to a low temperature. We’d recommend washing all your jeans at 30° at most to ensure no shrinkage happens; you don’t want your fave denim jeans coming out two sizes too small.


3- Don’t leave your jeans in the washing machine!

Easier said than done, we know, but when the wash is over, make sure you take out your jeans as quickly as you can. When you leave them in the washing machine, you risk unwanted fade marks appearing on the denim while they sit there wet and scrunched up.


4 – Air dry your jeans

When you’ve taken your jeans out of the washing machine, resist the temptation to chuck ’em into the tumble dryer for a quick-fix dry. We know you’re desperate to wear them again, but by air drying your jeans, you’re saving the denim from gaining a whole load of fade marks or shrinkage. Just play it safe.


5 – Repair or revamp your jeans

If you feel your jeans are coming to the end of their tether, have a think about how you can revamp them. For example, a rip in the jean doesn’t mean you have to throw them out – why not play around with a rip jean style by exaggerating the rip even more (in a controlled, stylish way). You might find that the jeans you thought we’re over have years of life left in them.


6 – Wear your jeans on rotation

Ever found a pair of jeans that just fit you better than any others ever will? Buy more than one! If you have a line-up of jeans – the same ones or different styles – you’ll naturally wear each of them less frequently, meaning they’ll essentially all last longer (especially if you follow the above tips). Speaking of the best jeans, ours are pretty good. Check out these bestsellers:






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