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The World’s Most Stylish Guys You Need To Follow On Instagram Now

No one wakes up and checks the news anymore, because who wants to start their day with the latest exploits from Trump, Kim Jong-un and Putin AKA a sociopathic, slightly melted version of the Rat Pack. No, what people wake up and digest now before their bacon sarnies and gluten free granola is Instagram, a handheld treasure trove of memes, doggos and impeccable style. We haven’t really got the authority to do a whole piece on memes and doggos, even though it’s the reason we live and breathe, but we do happen to sell fashion for a living so we think we know a style icon when we see/follow one.

Here are the guys you should be smashing that like button for on Instagram.



SLIPPERY WHEN WET #givenchy #pfw 📸 @josephjp12

A post shared by Ben Cobb (@bengcobb) on

Straight out of a ’70s porno comes Ben Cobb, editor of Another Man magazine and proud owner of the magnum moustache. As well as his latest street style snaps you’ll also find him posting odd but incredibly cool vintage icons and retro decor.


Horse- “whats your jacket bro?” Me- “SSS 🌐” Horse- 🆒 #sauthermes

A post shared by @ justinoshea on

You’ll have probably seen the rock ‘n’ roll tailored Justin O’Shea in a million street style roundups, as the former director of Brioni is at every Fashion Week without fail. But what you may not know is that he now runs his own brand, SSS World Corp, which has already been worn by the likes of Zayn Malik and ASAP Rocky. He also has his own alcohol brand, Goldy Gin. Basically he’s living the dream, which makes it hard to double tap his photos when your screen is wet with tears of jealousy.


I don’t have a problem with the spaghetti boys, they are just problematic.

A post shared by Mr. Fallback (@lukasabbat) on

We’ll let you into a little secret. You see all those kids lining up outside those really expensive and exclusive branded shops in London’s Soho? They look terrible. Anyone can wear head-to-toe of one streetwear brand, it doesn’t require any effort at all (just a very, very deep overdraft). But what does require knowledge and a sense of style is reworking those bold streetwear items into your own unique look, something that social media influencer Luka does without fail.


Meet me at the crossroads 📸 @garconthestreet on @britishvogue #streetstyle

A post shared by Luke Day (@luke_jefferson_day) on

The editor of GQ Style looks good. Too good. He’s obviously stealing samples from shoots and saying to brands that they were ‘lost in transit’. And who’d blame him? We’d sell our vital organs for this sartorial western getup.


Absolute carnage every single night of this tour. Music is my love and my damage. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Photo by @petertroest – doing what he does best…

A post shared by Frank Carter (@frankcarter23) on

Part time frontman of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, part time tattoo artist, full time bad ass. We’d never have the balls to wear Gucci on stage as thousands of people clawed and chucked beer at it, but the ex-Gallows singer obviously has some sort of great on tour dry cleaning deal that gets hims freshly washed threads night after night.


On a lighter note: @Thames and @Fredperry’s Second Coming. More delighted than I look, as per usual. Shot by @Michael__J__Fox in the Kardomah Cafe, Swansea. Dylan Thomas’s Bar Bruno. Full lookbook on Thames online, link in bio.

A post shared by Blondey McCoy (@blondey) on

Having a gold tooth in your twenties might sound a bit suspect, but Palace sponsored skater and owner of brand Thames London Blondey McCoy pulls it off. He’s like a millenial Del Boy from Only Fools & Horses with his dodgy yet fashion forward ’80s and ’90s gear, but less of a wheeler dealer and more of an actual talented entrepreneur and artist.


A post shared by @anders_gran on

Did you know that Norway just doesn’t spit out epic crime novels and delicious cinnamon buns, it also produces impossibly cool models tattooed up to the eyeballs? Well now you do, and Anders Gran is one of the best.


Keep the vision clear 🔹🌴@topman | 📷 @allendanielphoto

A post shared by Darion Benzo Famous (@darion_famous) on

From contemporary streetwear, to punk, to smart casual, there’s not a look that this LA stylist can’t pull off and make his own. And oh, would you look at that, he’s wearing Topman. What a coincidence. We knew we liked you for a reason, Darion.

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