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The Utility Trend That Anyone Can Pull Off, Including You

Utility wear is on the rise (again) and we’re all over it. Layer upon layer (upon layer) of classic pieces, more pockets than you possibly need and camouflage so great we can hardly see you – this is utility.

A lot of people think that the utility trend is some distant fashion style that you’d never actually be able to wear yourself. This isn’t the case; it’s a trend that’s incredibly easy to integrate into your already-existing wardrobe, even for those who may not see themselves as particularly ‘fashion-forward’. This all-inclusive trend has got something for everybody.

From T-shirt basics and overshirts for layering to four-pocket gilets and full-camouflage coats, we’re going to show you some key utility pieces that you can add into your sartorial mix.


What Is Utility Wear?

Here’s what to expect: plenty of pockets (helping you out with all the bits your jean pockets can’t cope with), a colour palette of neutral tones including ecru, khaki, navy, and black (nothing too in-your-face) and easy-wearing pieces that go with everything you already own.

How To Wear The Utility Trend:

There’s no need for a total style makeover – it’s a trend you can uphold with only a couple of new bits. Start with your basics (think T-shirts) and layer up from there.




The Best Utility T-shirts

Every outfit needs a base and these T-shirts make the ideal foundation for your ‘fit. Coming in simple shades, you can wear these with anything.



The Best Utility Overshirts

By day, wear your overshirt over your tee (unbuttoned if the weather permits). By night, button it up and partner with a pair of jeans and boots.



The Best Utility Men’s Gilets

Right now, gilets are making a wave. You can layer your gilet over pretty much anything. If you’re stuck, try wearing it over a sweatshirt or a T-shirt in good weather. You can even wear yours over an overshirt if you want more of a built-up look.



The Best Utility Jackets

Coats and jackets can happily take centre stage when they look this good. Perfect for the utility trend (and then every season following) add these to your wardrobe and interchange them as you please.



The Best Utility Trousers and Shorts

To complete the outfit down low, the utility trend calls for your comfiest trousers. Cargo pants, joggers, shorts – as long as you have enough room to move about with ease (loose-fitting is preferable), you’re good to go.



The Best Utility Accessories

Leave no outfit incomplete; accessories give any look the finish it needs. For the utility trend, forget what you think you know about the bucket hat and go all-in – it’s what you wear it with that makes it work. And, just in case you haven’t got enough pockets, chuck on a cross-body bag for good measure.





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