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The Kooks’ Luke Pritchard on Headlining Community Festival

Amidst the UK’s unbeatable festival line-up for 2019 is Finsbury Park’s Community Festival on June 30th 2019. A must-do for die-hard indie fans, this year’s headlining The Kooks lent us their front man, Luke Pritchard, for a talk on all things Community and all things festival. 

Hey Luke! Congrats on headlining Community – What drew you to this particular festival?

We are so excited to be doing Community! We’ve wanted to play it for a while, I think it’s the fact that the focus is on bands in a time where most of the festivals are pulling in all different directions. I like that it has a real identity. The festival provides a lot for the local community too, we will be taking part in one of the charity performances later in the summer. On top of that it’s in Finsbury Park! We were looking at what London show to do for the new album Let’s Go Sunshine and so the opportunity to play it there is one we couldn’t pass up.

Are there any acts you’re particularly keen to see while you’re there?

The line-up is undeniable. We have the pleasure of playing with incredible acts who are also friends that we’ve toured with like Blossoms, The Academic and Fuzzy Sun. All of those guys and particularly looking forward to Gerry Cinnamon’s set.

Apart from playing at the festival, are you guys big festival goers yourselves? What are some particular highlights over the years?

Haha, it’s like a busman’s holiday! Yeah we do still love them, the last festival I went to and didn’t play was Secret Garden Party a few years ago. I loved that festival, it had an amazing location and was super trippy and creative. Sometimes when we are on tour we might get the day off for a festival day and had a few great ones, seeing Foster The People, Jack White, and The Smashing Pumpkins in São Paulo was incredible. The crowd went for days.


What’s the best thing about being at a festival (as a guest or a performer?)

Festivals are all about discovering new music, letting go and being in nature. It’s like you are allowed to walk into a bubble where all the shit in your life can disappear for a few days. It’s a bit different when you are playing but quite often the backstage is a good laugh and it’s cool to meet new people and bands/artists you’ve always admired.

Is it better to play festivals at home or abroad?

I think the UK has some of the best crowds in the world if not the best full stop. Especially up North and in Scotland but in Europe they are more relaxed and have amazing food usually. Also, the weather is usually brilliant. So definitely recommend people travelling over to our European neighbours to see festivals. Especially while British artists are still playing in such numbers, after Brexit it’s going to get a lot harder for us to get over there and do what we do.

When you hit the festival circuit – how important is it to have a ‘look’ whether it’s one day like Community or a full weekend of activities?

Hey, you gotta have a look! Honestly, I’m not into the Coachella Instagram festival thing but there have been massive advances in wellington boot technologies. Good pair of sunglasses goes a long way too.

What’s the best formula for a festival outfit? Thinking of comfort, cool-factor, and weather eventualities.

A jacket with multiple pockets. My tip for this year is the military type vests like Rambo style. Can keep all your bits and your phone etc inside the pockets but also looks pretty cool. Good for all weather types.

If you could only take one accessory to a festival what would it be?

I don’t know if it’s an accessory really but I would always take spare socks. Nothing like comfort on your feet when you’ve been walking for days.

What are you looking forward to wearing from the TOPMAN range for the festival this year and why? 

Black Dungarees. Might try it out with the Yellow Oval Sunglasses and Navy Slim Vest. Again, the dungarees are pretty practical for taking stuff you need and it’s fun to wear dungarees ain’t it. The glasses are Hicksville Kurt Cobain and the vest just works.

How would each of you describe your approach to the summer festival life? See as many as possible or choose a couple of epic ones?

Yeah, I think it’s good to have a loose plan, I’d definitely rather see less of absolute quality than more of mediocrity. Also, listen out for the secret shows. I got to see Prince that way and it was epic. I’d say plan but don’t get too caught up in it, and like I said before, I think festivals are the best place to discover new music so you need to be able to go with it and change plans. I mean inevitably someone in your group is going to be strict and someone is going to be a mad head!

Finally, why should everyone hit up Community this year?

Community is one of the best line ups this year, obviously. There’s going to be a lot of love out there and we are really excited to get out and play for everyone. It’s not just another festival for us it’s a real homecoming, will be a proper upbeat nostalgic moment in the park!


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