The 5 Scariest Horror Films To Watch This Halloween

Halloween 2019 is only a few days away, so – just in case you haven’t made any plans – we thought we’d give you an ultimate list of horror films to get your teeth stuck into.

Horror film lover or not, what better time to watch a scary movie than at the scariest time of the year? This year, we’ve asked around for what people to deem as the best horror film ever. Old and new (and not Halloween specific), we’ve picked out the best of the best. Get your popcorn (and blankets) at the ready…

Warning: Lots of scary film stills throughout.


The Nun, 2018

Following the news of a young nun taking her own life, a priest sets off to investigate what happened. It all turns a bit south, as it goes. Who knew nuns could be this terrifying?




A Nightmare On Elm Street, 2010

The good old story of Freddy Krueger. This crazy guy (who also makes one hell of a Halloween costume), lives only to haunt teenagers in their dreams – and then to turn dreams into reality.




Annabelle, 2014

This film hardly helped the whole ‘creepy doll’ perception, are we right? Annabelle is as scary as they come. Creeping around in her demonic china form, this is one toy you won’t be sharing a tea set with.




Paranormal Activity, 2007-2015

How is it possible for a film to be this frightening when nothing much actually happens? Paranormal is genius – and it still haunts us to this day. Check out our interview with its writer Chris Landon here.




The Exorcist, 1973

The most classic of horrors, in our humble opinion, Regan isn’t a happy little bunny when the demon in her attic takes a liking to her. Watch out for the iconic 360-degree head turn!





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