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The 6 Blazers You Need To Boss Your Zoom Meeting

Boss: “Zoom meeting in 10, please”. You: *Runs around the house trying to find something professional to wear while still showing off your personal flair from the comfort of your living room*.

We get it, Zoom meetings are great, but sometimes finding something suitable to wear that also reflects your style (because that’s still important) can be a bit of a struggle. Do you pull on a shirt for the occasion? Is a polo too casual? The stress of it all, right?

We think we’ve found a quick solution in our blazers. Our new-season suits are designed to give you more options, so you’re able to pick one out that reflects you. Why not secure a line-up of blazers that you can wear over whatever to give your Zoom meetings a more professional feel? Worn with T-shirt, polos, or a shirt if you fancy, these 6 blazers will help you boss your meeting.


3 Plain Blazers For Your Zoom Meetings

If plain blazers are your thing, these coloured blazers for you. Introducing our tonal suits, perfect for pairing with tees and polos.




3 Patterned Blazers For Your Zoom Meetings

Bring something a little extra with a patterned blazer. Slightly more formal than the plain options, when you wear these, you really mean business. Suit? CHECK.







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