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The 5 Activities You’ve Got To Do Before You Go Back

As much as we hate to admit it, summer is sadly drawing to a close. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t squeeze in some last-minute fun.

Tried and tested, we’ve gone on a hunt for the best five London activities to go wild on before you go back to wherever you’ve been taking a break from (school, uni, work…all three?). From escape rooms to Crystal Maze nostalgia, here’s what we’re loving (and recommending).


WHAT: Swingers London is the crazy golf experience you don’t want to miss out on. Drinking on the course is encouraged. Need we say more?

WHERE: There are two Swingers sites: West End and The City. Convenient.

WHEN: You can whizz around Swingers or take your time! You’ll need to book onto the courses you want to pay with an allocated time, but otherwise, you’re free to mull around the bar and street food stalls at your leisure. We’d strongly recommend heading to Swingers on a weekday evening – it’s buzzing, and makes for a great after work/school treat.



WHY: Crazy golf is all the rage, haven’t you heard? With a top food and drink menu, you can make this experience whatever you’d like it to be. It’s particularly popular for work activities, so suggest that to your boss next time he wants to do some team building.

Whilst on the crazy golf course, keep an eye out for your caddy who will bring you drinks to your hole. Keep track of your score on the fun scoring cards and use it for bragging rights all year.

WELL? We love Swingers – it’s just the right level of difficulty to get your competitive side out. You can go with one other person on a date night or with a larger group of friends – the experience will be just as good either way. If you’re heading to Swingers, we’d recommend booking both of the crazy golf courses. They’re not huge, so if you’re pretty handy, you might get around a course quicker than you’d like. Book two, have a drink (or three) and grab a pizza afterwards.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Swingers can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like. If you’re looking for something cost-effective, keep it simple and stick to one round of crazy golf. Otherwise, have a go on a couple of courses and indulge with a cocktail and street food afterwards. None of the prices will knock your checked socks off.

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The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience

WHAT: Remeber that old TV show you used to watch over your parent’s shoulders? Well, our childhood dreams have arrived as The Crystal Maze is has been reinvented for everyone to master.

WHERE: London West End and Manchester.

WHEN: This is an activity to do with a big group of friends (up to 8). We’d suggest making a day of it, so go along at a weekend and do it before you eat anything too large! There’s a fair bit of running involved.



WHY: Why wouldn’t you? Unsure how close The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience would measure up to the real thing, we were pleasantly surprised that it’s pretty authentic – with modern twists, naturally. This is the perfect opportunity to grab your closest pals and stand up to the test of time and challenges. You’ll be shouting, you’ll probably be screaming but you’ll definitely be smiling from start to end. If anything, it’s worth it for the iconic Crystal Ball at the end of the maze… so long as you’ve bagged yourself enough time!

WELL? There wasn’t much we didn’t love about The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience. We had our team’s very own Maze Master accompany us around the maze, so we never saw any other teams the whole time (a good thing!). The challenges were harder than we’d expect, but this proved to be a good thing as it raises the steaks. Split between four different zones (medieval, industrial, future and Aztec), expect to play four games per zone. Each game falls under the category of either physical, mental, skill or mystery, and it’s the team captains duty to allocate each task to the player (other than the category, you’re going in blind). With the aim of each game to make it out the room with the crystal, expect lasers, rides, ball pits and riddles are you battle your way around.

We loved the fact that we could go back tomorrow and our Crystal Maze experience would be totally different – you don’t play every single game, so next time the challenges will be totally new. Would we go back again? 100%, without a doubt.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Due to the nature of the show’s reputation and simply the vast size of the maze, you’d expect the experience to be a little pricey. That being said, there’s really nothing else quite like it. It’s worth every penny (and, if you’re lucky, you may just get a little discount off your next visit at the end).

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The Monster

WHAT: An inflatable assault course, made for adults!

WHERE: Alexandra Palace in London.

WHEN: It runs from the 23rd August 2019 until the 28th August 2019. This is one for the weekend, for sure. It’s a physical course so give yourself enough time to complete it whilst making the most out of the other fun extras they have to offer.



WHY: Isn’t this what us adults have always wanted? We’re done letting the kids have all the fun (but there are days just for them, too). You’ll get an hour time slot to work your way around 300m Monster course including 40 obstacles and an 18-metre mega-slide. You don’t need to be the fittest, so take your time if you’re feeling a little hesitant.

After you’re done of the course, enjoy live DJs, street food and other bank-holiday appropriate activities such as mega beer pong. They’re stocked up on craft beers, too!

VALUE FOR MONEY: If it’s just the course you want to do, the tickets may come across a little pricey. However, that’s because they’re based on a whole day out, filled with all the extras. If you go in a big group, you’ll get a nice group saving, so that’s always a good idea. It’s definitely worth it.

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WHAT: An indoor trampoline park that’s just as good for adults.

WHERE: In Stratford, walking distance from the station.

WHEN: After work or on a weekend, an hour session is long enough.



WHY: Because who knew jumping could be so therapeutic? (and good exercise, too!). If you want to live like a kid for an hour, this is the place to do it.

WELL? Go with a big group of friends, and, if possible, ask to have the whole place to yourself (or ensure there are enough of you to do so) – ideally you hav no risk of squishing a five-year old int he foam pit. Over the three floors, challenge your pals to dodgeball, fight them off a beam or have a flip competition – it’s simply a fun way to burn off some energy. If anything, an indoor trampoline park is something everyone should experience at least once.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Exactly how you’d expect. You buy a ticket based on a 1-hour session – a little cheaper for students as well.



WHAT: Accessible golf, made fun. Work your way around the full-size golf course with your mates, drinks and plenty of music.

WHERE: Thames Ditton & Esher Golf Club (but they have plenty of other courses, too). This one is close to London, so there are no excuses!

WHEN: The bigger the group the better, so why not go for a special occasion or even with your work lot? Who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition? Book onto whichever event you fancy. All details are on the website.



WHY: Because golf shouldn’t be limited to those with a small handicap and the right golfing gear. 1PUTT reimages the game, making it fun for everyone involved (and you can hire your clubs, so don’t worry about that). Wear what you like as you play the course stress-free, with bigger holes for a faster-paced, energetic game. Leave your pencils at home as 1PUTT has introduced a new scoring system with thanks to the humble smartphone. Scores will stream to the live leaderboard, so if you’re slacking, there’s no getting away with it. Oh, and not forgetting The Apr├Ęs Bar; drinks in hand, it’ll keep your spirits high.

Whether you go fancy dress or not or you play regularly or never before, you’ll finally be able to enjoy golf the way we feel it should be enjoyed.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Undoubabtly great. Book as a group or buy your tickets separately. Along with your ticket, you’ll find extras including a BBQ and prizes (the prizes have to be earned, though!).

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