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The 4 Topman Suit Fits and How to Wear Them

Our new Suit Fit Guide has dropped, so we’re here to help you differentiate our suits and give you a hand when it comes to styling them. Skinny, Slim, Tailored – find your fit.




The skinniest fit we do, the Super Skinny suit is designed for those who like their clothing tight. This suit is body-hugging, so expect it to be snug in all the right places. Just remember, the Super Skinny suit has a lot of stretch so it’s still a comfortable, unrestricted wear.

To style the Super Skinny suit, partner it with a skinny fit shirt. You don’t want a baggy shirt to overhang as the Super Skinny suit won’t leave much room to hide any access shirt away. Despite being such a skinny fit, the trousers won’t be hugging your ankles, so any smart shoe will do. Try a pair of Oxfords or Brogues to throw a touch of suiting tradition into the otherwise contemporary mix.



The Skinny suit – much like the Super Skinny – is a close-fitting two-piece, however, this suit has that little bit of extra give to it. Made for guys that like everything locked in but are in the market for something to wear on a more day-to-day basis, the Skinny suit is accommodating to both smart and casual ensembles.

To style the Skinny suit down, wear it with a jumper (not one that’s too thick that it’ll cause the blazer to bunch up) and some minimal trainers (white, preferably). To smarten it up, wear it with a skinny or slim shirt and a pair of smart shoes. When it comes to wearing any smart shoes with a suit, don’t be afraid to add a colourful sock to throw some personality into the look.


The Slim suit is the classic, everyday wearer. It’s our take on that suit that you wear for any occasion – you know, the one that never lets you down; it’s failsafe.

There are many ways of styling the Slim suit, the obvious being with a shirt (how about an Oxford?) and smart shoes (loafers, we say). However, due to the versatility of the fit of this suit, why not pull apart the blazer and trousers and wear them as separates. The blazer will work over a jumper with jeans, or, equally, leave the blazer behind and pair the trousers with a sweatshirt and trainers.


The newest of our suit fits, the Tailored has arrived to give you maximum movement in every wear. Made with a spacious fit, this suit is ideal for guys who like things on the chill side.

Don’t be afraid to optimise this relaxed fit with some additional layering. A shirt and a jumper will comfortably work underneath the blazer to build up your look (especially on colder days when dressing smart is a must). You could even whack a hoodie under there if the occasion permits. Smart shoes or trainers (you know the drill), anything goes with Topman suits.




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