Boxing - Wilder vs. Fury, Las Vegas, USA - 22 Feb 2020
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The 10 Best Things That Tyson Fury Has Ever Said

Tyson Fury is the most exhilarating man to enter heavyweight boxing. Self-proclaimed ‘Gypsy King’, there’s nothing – or no-one- he wouldn’t do to get to the top (his bin-man included). Following his recent Vegas victory against Wilder, the buzz around Fury is bigger than ever.

So, to celebrate (because we love a bit of Fury), get ready for 10 of his best quotes that we’re here for. From inspirational speeches (fair play to his mental health advocacy), to public spats (he’s just too good), these are his words that have packed the most punch.


1. “You can’t go swimming and not get wet. And I got wet. I got drenched, actually.” – Press conference, 2018

2. “When I’m in the ring doing my stuff and entertaining, the Gypsy King comes out and he thrives. But while I’m at home doing day-to-day stuff and I’m just a normal person, a husband, a father, a son, then Tyson Fury, the man, is where I want to be.” – Talk Sport, 2019

3. “This shirt is called ‘Animal Kingdom’. The only animal it’s not got on it is a lion… because the lion is WEARING IT.” – 2018

4. “I’m not even going to have a wash for this fight. I’m going to go in there stinking. You’re going see a wolf man – you’re not going to see Tyson Fury. I’m going to change my name to Wolf.” – Press conference, 2018

5. “I came out the other side very strong. I have turned my life around. As I’ve said before, I lost the urge to live and want to give love, but now I have it all back.” – MTK Global, 2018


Fury Wilder Boxing, Las Vegas, USA - 22 Feb 2020


6. “Once it’s over, who really cares? Because you’re done. You’re finished. It’s a thing of the past. So I enjoy my time in the sun while I’ve got it and I’m getting a good suntan at the moment.” – GQ, 2019

7. “I’ll just fight anybody, the local bin-man, anything. As long as I can keep active and keep busy.” – GQ, 2019

8. “I’ve beat so many problems. How am I going to let this little skinny spaghetti-hoop man beat me?” – Press conference, 2018

9. “Hell hath no fury like Tyson Fury.” – Press conference, 2018

10. “With the right mind set, anything is possible. I’ve been wrote off all my life and to think they said I’d never achieve anything, just goes to show what a human is capable of! Massive thank you to everyone who supported me in my comeback you’re the best fans ever, god bless you all.” – Instagram, 2020







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