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Our Modern Guide To Dressing For Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us and chances are you’re going to be a guest or a groom. But there’s more to a wedding than bottomless booze and teary speeches — there are sartorial rules. What’s more, these aren’t the kind of rules that can easily be ignored, like office attire regulations or costume party themes.…

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How To Write A Best Man Speech

Being asked to be a best man is, at first, an incredibly exciting opportunity. The first perk: a chance to humiliate and scar your oldest friend without any sort of retribution (well, until it’s their turn to be your best man) in a location where the beer costs as much as a packet of Jelly…

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What to Wear to a Wedding

As if the reminder of your perpetual singledom was not enough of a treat when it comes to weddings, there’s also the added pressure of making sure you’re suit game is slick. It needs to be slick enough to at least give the impression that you’re fine with the gradually decreasing pool of unmarried, single…

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