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Which Sunglasses Suit Your Face Shape?

We’d like to think we could pull off anything when it comes to style, but the truth is that sometimes our ego deceives us. That flame shirt and baggy jeans you wore in the early 2000s? It made you look like Guy Fieri mate, sorry.

Sometimes it’s not even passing trends that fool us, sometimes it’s our actual bodies. Take sunglasses for example: not every face shape suits them, which isn’t your fault at all. It’s biology’s, that cruel, harsh science * shakes fist at mitosis, whatever that is *.

So to avoid another major style mistake we’ve done some research into the age-old question: what sunglasses should I wear? Because we’re kind like that and thrive to save you money, time and humiliation.


Sunglasses For A Heart Face – Round

If you’ve got a wider forehead that leads into a pointed chin you’ll want something to counteract the point, which is where John Lennon-esque round sunglasses come in for a retro dose of summer style.

Sunglasses For A Square Face – Aviators

Having a square face may not sound like the best compliment in the world, but it actually means you’ve got strong cheekbones, so don’t fret. Since your face has distinctive lines, go for shades that are round so they don’t match, like the aviator.

Sunglasses For A Long Face – D-Shape

Those with a longer face will most likely want to add some balance, meaning sunglasses with a bit of width are needed. The D is the cure (the shape that is). An oversized frame will make your face look smaller and are bang on-trend this season.

Sunglasses For A Round Face – Wayfarers

The same rule applies here that we talked about for the square: go for a shape that’s the opposite to your face. For those with a softer, rounder build you’ll want to go for a style that makes your cheeks look thinner, so opt for a Ray-Ban Wayfarer with its straight lines.


Sunglasses For An Oval Face  – Anything

Congratulations angel face, you can literally wear anything. If you possess a slightly longer than wide face with a well-rounded jaw, nearly all styles will suit you.

Enjoyed what sunglasses suit your face shape? Check out guide to what beards suit your face shape and complete the look.

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