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Street Style Focus: 12 Of The Best Looks Worn By London’s Streetwear Elite

Who’d have thought that at the height of modern men’s tailoring in 2012 that in five years time blazers and ties would be swapped for branded puffer jackets and waist bags. But that’s the way trends go, you never know what’s around the corner. One day you’re wearing a band t-shirt and ripped jeans and then BOOM! You’re dressing in technical outerwear like you hike up mountains, even though you’re city born and bred and the only thing you’ve climbed is a couple flights of stairs when your lift was broken.

But unlike other trends, it looks like streetwear is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Guys line up for 12 hours for special brand releases, artists like Kanye, Drake and Bieber are making their own lines, limited edition pieces are being sold on eBay for four times the RRP. It seems like there’s no slowing down for major elitist names, because they manage to keep their drops fresh with unusual collaborations and the way they market them e.g. small quantities in a small amount of stores for high prices, making getting something you want harder than a three-month relationship with Taylor Swift.

We sent one of our photographers into Soho, London to document the best dressed of these streetwear fanatics, to capture the sheer stylish chaos of a new season drop…

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