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Staying In? Here Are 10 Realistic Skills You Can Learn At Home

Stuck at home for a while? Don’t let yourself be dragged down by boredom – take this time to do something you’ve always wanted to do, like learning a new skill!

Whatever it is you’ve always fancied giving a shot, now’s your time to put any excuses aside and go for it. Always wanted to make a 5-course meal from scratch? Been wanting to learn to code for years? Nows. Your. Time.

Let’s kick-start your new skill venture with a few ideas:


1. Gardening

A perfect way to get some fresh air whilst doing some good. Let’s be honest – we all know our gardens could do with a bit of TLC (or, if you don’t have a garden, maybe it’s time to re-pot all the plants you’ve been putting off). Plenty of people claim they love gardening because of its therapeutic values, so get on Google (if you need a few tips), and get out for some good old oxygen.


2. Cleaning

If there was ever a time to pull on a pair of marigolds and learn how to deep clean, it’s now. Do it big once, then keep on top of cleaning little and often. You’ll thank us later.


3. The keepy-uppy challenge

Who’s been on the internet lately? If you have, you’ll know that there’s another challenge trending: the toilet roll keepy-uppy challenge. We’re not saying you should use toilet roll, but if you’ve always wanted to learn to do keepy-uppies, now’s absolutely your time to shine (and why not share the results with your friends afterwards?).


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4. Cooking

We all need to know how to cook, so if you’re stuck at home, you may as well take this opportunity to get real good at it. Go all out and make a whopping 5-course meal for your family, loved one, or even just for a solo treat. If you’re feeling really creative, dip your toes into the baking world, too. You can never get bored of cake – trust us on that.


5. DIY

We know, DIY isn’t one for the fainthearted, but at the end of the day, sometimes it’s just got to be done. Whether it’s your bedroom wall you’ve been meaning to re-paint for months or a bigger task like re-tiling your bathroom, you can learn whatever skills you need with some hardcore research and a good set of tools.


6. Something physical

That headstand you’ve always wanted to nail is now within reach. How about tackling taekwondo or even mastering the art of touching your toes (with straight legs, obviously). Utilise your time – practice makes perfect.


7. A musical instrument

Have a guitar sitting there collecting dust? How about a piano in the house that’s 100% out of tune? If you’ve always wanted to learn a musical instrument, put your mind to the task and learn to play.


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8. Coding

The new essential skill – if you’ve ever wanted to learn to code, take this time to get it under your belt. There are loads of online courses you can take that’ll teach you the tricks of the trade. Who knows? You could even build your very own website by the end of it.


9. Start learning a new language

Has learning a new language always been on your to-do list? Even if it’s just getting to grips with the basics, now’s the perfect time to start. There are tonnes of apps/courses you can download to help you get on your way.


10. Get creative

Our favourite past time, nothing beats getting creative every so often. Whatever your poison – drawing, painting, graphic design etc. – get your creative juices flowing and create a masterpiece that even Picasso would be proud of (then build a website with your new coding skills, sell your artwork, make millions and move to a new country where you can now speak the language whilst playing your instrument in your perfectly-preened garden with a loo roll balanced on your left foot).




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