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How To Get Your Sports Fix When The Football Isn’t On

It’s one thing having to stay in all day, it’s another thing having no football to watch whilst we do it. We’ve been listening to your lack-of-football woes, and we’re here to solve them. Kind of.

Suffering without the footy? We thought we’d bring you 8 sports fixes that you can have in its place (for the time being). From Football Manager to ball runs, this will keep you entertained, for sure.


1. Watch match highlights/re-runs

If the sport has to be football, why not get your fix by watching re-runs of old games on sports channels and YouTube? Date ’em so far back that you can’t remember the score, then you’ll still get the element of surprise. Desperate times here, pals.


2. Set up an inside ball obstacle course

We’ve seen some insane obstacle courses on the internet this week and, truth be told, we’ve always wanted to try one. The best boredom killer out there (although much tougher than it looks), get all your household objects together and give your ping pong ball the ride of its life.



3. Set FIFA to play itself

One of our colleagues told us her husband was so bored at home that he set his FIFA to play itself for his own entertainment (shoutout Ben). Autoplay is a feature in FIFA Mobile gameplay that automatically takes control of the game when you don’t play it after 2 seconds. There you have it – watch your very own game of footy: FIFA vs FIFA.


4. Play 8 Ball Pool

The Facebook Messenger favourite, if you’re craving a bit of competition with your mates, get them involved in a game of 8 Ball Pool and pocket your worries away. Looser owes you a drink next time you’re out.


5. Join the indoor trick-shot trend

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ll know all about the indoor trick-shot trend. From throwing toilet rolls perfectly on the handle from across the room to landing cereal boxes straight into their slots in the cupboard, doing these trick shots will keep you nice ‘n busy.


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6. Download Football Manager

Download Football Manager, pick your team and watch them play to get your football fix straight to your device. The aim is to manage your team to the top of the league – start playing this and by the time you put your phone down, you’ll notice months have gone by.


7. Get a basketball hoop

A quick search on Amazon will find you a basketball hoop that you can stick on your wall or over a door. Take your aim and shoot hoops for days.


8. Go out in your garden

Football, golf, badminton? Whatever sport you miss the most, make sure you get out for some exercise and some good old fresh air. Have a kick around in your garden or go for a jog around your local park. Just because you have to stay indoors, it doesn’t mean you can be active!




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