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How South Africa’s Cape Town Became 2018’s Most Stylish Destination

London, New York, Paris, Cape Town. The magic three has now become the fantastic four as South Africa’s Capital has risen up in the style stakes to compete with the big hitters with its bold, trend-driven streetwear, brought to life with its enviable and perennially sunny backdrop.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s some of Cape Town’s most stylish inhabitants shot by resident photographer Christopher Smith, as well as some of the city’s must-visit bars, hotels and restaurants.




Where To Stay In Cape Town

The Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel

Some hotels make you hit the roof because they charge you a week’s worth of wages for a tub of room service Pringles, but this hotel will make you hit the roof in the literal sense, as it has its own outdoor cinema, sky bar and luxury airstream trailers with views of Table Mountain.



Where To Get Coffee In Cape Town

Truth Coffee Roasters

This has been voted the world’s best coffee shop by The Daily Telegraph two years in a row. THE WORLD. That really puts your sad 99p Pret filter coffee into perspective, doesn’t it?



Where To Eat In Cape Town

New York Bagels


We know it says New York bagels, but really they are in South Africa. Mind boggling I know, but these bagels are legit. They’re made fresh on site with options such as classic smoked salmon and cheese and the meaty reuben, but the best thing about them is that they are incredibly affordable for all you poor, sweaty backpackers out there.



Where To Drink In Cape Town

The Gin Bar


This speak easy is hard to find. Firs of all its generic name makes it impossible to Google and secondly it’s located at the back of a chocolate shop. But good things come to those who wait, as this secret little bar nestled away in a Mediterranean courtyard boasts 100s of international gins and experimental cocktails.



Where To Vintage Shop In South Africa

Second Time Around

The vintage shop isn’t as popular as it once was with the rise (and rise) of branded streetwear in place of second hand garms from days gone by. But remember, those big name labels will end up in vintage stores too. Be ahead of the game and cop yourself some treasures at a fraction of the price.




Street Style Shot By Christopher Smith

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