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Snack Hacks: How To Lose Weight Before Your Holiday Without Going Completely Insane

If you want to know how hard dieting is, think about this: there’s more calories in a lot of ‘healthy snacks’ than chocolate bars, nuts are actually full of fat and you can undo a week’s worth of hard work with one poorly-chosen snack. Successful dieting ultimately comes down to knowledge as much as it does willpower, so we got in touch with personal trainer and nutritionist Dan Price from Covent Garden’s Six3Nine Studio to get his list of the ultimate diet friendly snacks to keep you full, healthy and happy.

Protein Snacks:
When losing weight, increasing your protein intake can be a useful tool to reduce hunger. High protein foods are typically more filling per calorie than those high in sugar or fat – just think about how much fuller you feel after eating a chicken breast in comparison to a chocolate bar. A greater protein intake will also help protect your muscle tissue while dieting and shift your weight loss in the direction of body fat.

Swap a high calorie morning or afternoon snack such as biscuits, nuts or chocolate for something lower calorie and higher in protein.

Babybel Light 50% reduced fat soft cheese
Leerdammer Light 50% reduced fat Swiss cheese
Skyr yogurts
Fage Total 0% Fat Greek Yogurt
Cottage Cheese
Arla Protein Chocolate Milk
Whey Protein Shakes
Beef Jerky


Low Kcal Snacks:
Sugary snacks should often be avoided while dieting as they are high in calories, not particularly filling and open the door to more snacking throughout the day. However, one of the biggest barriers to weight loss can be trying to change too much too soon. When building a sustainable, healthy relationship with food for life, it’s not reasonable to cut out all ‘junk’ forever. Obsessing over ‘clean eating’ can often prove to be more detrimental than beneficial.
That said, there’s a big difference between the occasional Freddo after lunch and a large slice of chocolate cake so try a lower calorie sweet snack to feel like your having a break from dieting while still staying on top of your goal!

Try swapping your more calorific sweet snacks for some from this list for around 100kcal or less.

Hartley’s Sugar-Free Jelly – 1 X 115g – 5 Kcal
Mini Milks – 1 X 35ml – 32 Kcal
Kit Kat (2 Fingers) – 1 X 20.7g Bar – 106 Kcal
Fibre One Bars 1 X 24g Bar – 87 Kcal
Snack A Jack Caramel 1 X 25g Bag – 101 Kcal
Oppo Salted Caramel Ice Cream – 1 x 100ml – 75 Kcal
Rolo Mousse – 1 X 50g Pot – 80 Kcal
Solero – 1 X 90ml Ice Cream – 90 Kcal
Special K Bar (Chocolate) – 1 X 24g Bar – 96 Kcal
Freddo – 90kcal 


Thanks again to Dan Price and Six3Nine. If you want to see what a nutritionalist-approved diet plan looks like and find out how to create one for yourself, check out our fitness transformation entry on dieting.

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