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Simple Health Habits Every Man Should Adopt

With all that delicious beer and food available for instant consumption it really can be an uphill struggle trying to stay on top of your health. You work hard through the week and feel like you deserve a reward at the weekend so you end up binge eating the worst (most delicious) types of food and drinking too much. It’s a pattern we’re all too familiar with, but there are a few simple health habits you can introduce into your life that will go a long way towards keeping your health on track.

Eating Smaller Portions
This one’s a no-brainer really but it’s surprising how many people ignore it. Forget all these fad diets that would have you only drinking warm water and eating a single lettuce leaf per day (we’re not sure if that’s actually a diet but it probably is). If you really want to get your health on track just eat a balanced diet and don’t go OTT when it comes to piling your plate up. You can still eat pasta, cheese, chips etc. but just remember the golden rule – Everything in moderation.


Keeping Hydrated
Staying well hydrated has so many benefits that it would be impossible to list them all here. To give you an idea though, increasing your daily water intake can help to give you better skin, speed up your metabolism, flush toxins from your kidneys and energise your muscles. It’s recommended that the average adult should try to consume about 4 pints a day but should never exceed 6.


Getting Up From Your Desk
Sitting down for extended periods of time can have a serious impact on your health, putting you at risk from back problems, weight gain and much more. If your job requires you to sit at a desk for long periods of time try to make sure that you get up at least once every hour and walk around for 5 or 10 minutes.


Cooling Off
We all love a hot shower but actually, your skin doesn’t. Hot water will open up your pores, leaving them exposed for dirt to get in, which can lead to spots. The best way to tackle this is to turn your shower to cold for a minute or so before you get out. It may not be too pleasant but it will close the pores and will do wonders for waking you up, besides, it’s only a minute.


Putting Your Phone Down
By now you are probably well aware that the smartphone that has become an extension of your arm is damaging your health. The reasons are many: The light from the screen can hinder your sleep, it can prevent you from interacting with actual human beings and browsing social media too much and comparing your life to that of others can even lead to depression. Make sure you set yourself a deadline for when you’re going to put it down. We’d suggest giving it a rest from 7-8pm onwards. If you’re bored, read a book.


Giving Your Mind Time to Breathe
The stresses of everyday modern life can damage your health if you don’t keep on top of them. Once a day you should get in the habit of giving yourself some ‘you time’. It doesn’t really matter what form this time takes; whether it’s a walk, 10 minutes sitting in the garden or even some quality time on the toilet. Just make sure you’re free from screens and allow your mind some time to wander.


Fuelling Yourself for the Day
You’ve heard it a thousand times but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not only does it boost your metabolism, which helps with weight loss, but it also reduces hunger cravings, and eating a bowl of muesli in the morning can actually help you to burn an additional 400 calories over the course of the day.

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