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Sam Fender on Suits, Shower Singing and Star Signs

Sam Fender is the talk of the town. Having just won The Critic’s Choice Award at the BRITs 2019, Sam now steps off the red carpet to star in our new suits campaign.

“This is daft”, he tells his fans vis his Instagram story whilst on set. And not a bad daft, either – more of a ‘how is this real?’, daft. Sam is a newcomer and his excitement is infectious. We pull him away from the lights and cameras to chat to him about star signs, celebrity DMs and his favourite fit of suit.



Hey, Sam! Let’s get to know you. What star sign are you and do you think it’s an accurate reflection?

Hey! I’m a Taurus. I think It’s a load of bollo*ks, but sometimes it’s flattering, isn’t it? I think that’s why everyone loves it… because it’s the only thing in the paper that’s about you.

Sadly, however, I am guilty of most of the Taurus traits. Like loving my food and being greedy. AND I’m lazy… but the sofa with a cuppa watching Jeremy Kyle kind, not lazy in my work.

What’s the last text you sent?

*Checks phone*. It was to my mate Richey saying ‘Fu*king love you, mate’.

You’ve got 2 million resting on your friend not picking up their phone. Who are you calling?

I’ve got quite a few of them but I think Drew from my band. He’s the drummer and he’s awful with his phone. He doesn’t wake up, either. He slept through the loudest fire alarm once – it was piercing and he was snoring away, bless him.

Who’s the last person you DM’d?

*Checks his phone, again*. Sliding into the DMs of….Fearne Cotton!! She was the last person I slid into the DMs of… but she’s married so it wasn’t like that!

What’s your favourite song to sing in the shower?

Anastasia, Left Outside Alone. It’s a big karaoke tune that I can also do as a duo with my mate. There’s this Karaoke bar where I’m from but I stay away from it now because the last time I went I lost my voice.

What were your most-listened songs of last year?

I think Joni Mitchell. I got very into her last year and listened to a lot of River. More modern stuff – I’m constantly playing Kendrick Lemar, so last year it was a mixture of the two.




So, many significant moments happen in a suit. What’s your proudest suit moment?

Paying off my metro fines in the magistrate court in North Shields! Just joking.

Well, there’s school prom when I was 16, 6th form prom and then the BRITs. Or funerals and weddings.  I don’t think you really want to know about them. So, yeah. I’d say the BRITs. Is that bad? It’s the only time I’ve ever won anything in my life, other than when I won a pencil case in year 2 for being the best dancer. The song was Our House by Madness.

And what was the most surreal moment of the BRITs?

The whole thing was one surreal moment! There was The 1975 behind me, then Shawn Mendes, James Bay, Little Mix and George Ezra and then Nile Rogers walking over there and Dua Lipa was having a laugh over there.

Or, maybe the most surreal moment was getting on the double-decker party bus we hired for the journey from the brits to the afterparty – it was mental. We all had Cheryl Cole, Alan Shearer and Sting masks on. I also remember Lewis Capaldi hanging off my neck screaming into my ears. It was a relatively early night though. 3 in the morning… that isn’t even bad! I think that’s pretty tame for a BRITs night out. I heard that Tom Walker was up for two more days…

Do you think clothing can affect how you feel about yourself?

It probably shouldn’t, to be fair, but it does. I like wearing a suit on a special occasion – I feel like a bobby-dazzler. It’s wonderful to feel like that. You don’t often get to dress up and look pretty, and I’m from Shields so we don’t really do that back home. We’re always in wear tracksuits and sneakers.




When was the first time you ever wore a suit?

I think for High school prom. I snuck a whisky flask in the inside pocket and one of my teachers bought us three pints and gave me 10 cigarettes. I was steaming after two pints! I was on the dance floor cutting some horrendous shapes.

So what do you look for in a suit?

I like a dark colour to make me look slimmer and one with loads of pockets so I can sneak all my goodies in… like sweets or a boiled egg. I feel like the suit I’m wearing right now is making me feel pretty darn good. I’m feeling like I’m going to get the job.

Is what you wear to important to you as an artist?

Honestly? It’s really not that important. I’ve got some good clobber and I do like clothes but if I think about it too much I’ll cave my head in. I’ve had points in my life where I wake up and think ‘oh god, what am I going to wear?’ and I think I wasted a lot of my thinking space worrying about it too much.

Ideally, I’d like to be a cartoon character. This [Topman] suit is banging – I’d just get 7 of these and have one to wear every day and that would be my character. Every morning, I’d be sorted so there would be no faffing.

Who are your style inspirations?

For suits, it would have to be David Bowie. He’s the boy – he’s the man with the good suits.




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