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Roman Kemp’s Personalised Christmas Wishlist

Hair that has a fleek of its own and the best eyebrows in the biz…step forward Roman Kemp. He’s a Capital FM radio DJ and TV host who has presented Xtra Factor and the Jingle Bell Ball, DJd for brands like Magnum and Versace, and has a style that is as on point as his Instagram captions. Oh, and Ed Sheeran famously inked Roman’s leg ‘Ed woz ere 2k7 x’, which really puts your drunken stealing of a traffic cone story to shame.

The LA-born lad knows all the ways to stay on trend; he’s a connoisseur of oversized garms and is a huge supporter of the black skinny jean. So if you are lost in deciding what to wear over the Christmas season, stress no more, Roman is here to answer all your menswear prayers.


What I Want For Christmas…

“This is a statement piece that looks like the Queen would be in it. You can see so many different takes on it, people walking around in proper high-end shearlings and to be honest it doesn’t look like there’s that much difference. If you’ve got a good jacket it’s so important to add to your outfit because you can technically be wearing a white T-Shirt, black pair of skinny jeans and black boots. And if you have that big jacket to kill it off and look cool and comfy at the same time that’s what you want.”


What I’ll Be Wearing Christmas Eve…

“I’m always a fan of a viscose shirt. I like the way they feel. Some cotton shirts don’t really cut it. If I’m going to wear a shirt there will always be a difference, with the viscose shirt the way it sits on your body it falls and drapes. Maybe go for a larger version of your normal size. One that drapes a little bit is good because it’s a party shirt.”


What I’ll Be Wearing Christmas Day…

“I’m a fan of chunky knits, I like oversized looks – but I like them in certain items and outfits. Anything knit that falls heavy; you put it on a rail you see the shoulders drop already. Fitted is a bit weird… you got to have a drape. I always work it out, with your jumpers the cuff goes over the knuckles. It’s got a look to it when it falls naturally and it hangs.”


What I’ll Be Wearing Boxing Day…

“A nice touch, a lot of people don’t wear certain colours certain times of year. Our eyes, especially around Christmas time are easier to look at reds. It’s easier for us to take in reds, if someone wore a big read coat in summer it would be a bright number. In Christmas when you are out with your mates, you’ve got to match the work in with the play. If you’ve got a nice coat for work, you look smart and sharp and at the same time if you turn up in the pub with it, it’s nice. Even going for Christmas walks with your mum you’ve got something. It isn’t black it isn’t boring. People when they go for long overcoats think it has to be grey or black, always. It’s a magic, I’m always a fan of a hoodie under an overcoat. Have it draping over the top, have some blue/black jeans. I really like this piece, one of my favourites.”


What I’d Buy For My Mates…

“Black skinny jeans are a staple of every man ever. They are perfect, especially this time of year. You’re going to be spilling over a lot of drinks, if you spill a drink over black jeans- no one knows. If you spill your drink over blue jeans, everyone thinks you’ve pissed yourself. These are ideal; a skinny jean in winter does help quite nicely. Tight onto the muscles, warming the legs. The one thing that I never understand, especially during winter time is when the boy’s go with skinny jeans and no socks. It works in summer but not in the winter.”

Love this, it looks like it’s come straight out of a thrift shop. Again, it’s a statement piece you can wear underneath a casual jacket. As long as you don’t make the rest of the outfit loud, it is one of those where your mates are going to look at you for the first bit and go ‘What the hell is that?!’ You’ve got to make sure you have the comfort inside and it does have that. It’s a nice piece, it’s well made, it looks expensive. If you rock this you have some confidence. Sometimes that’s a good thing in some people’s outfits, they think ‘You’ve got some balls wearing that’. Yeah, yeah I do! Secretly people want to wear it. It’s a confidence thing. If you see it and you want to wear it, wear it and you make it yours.”



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