Reality TV Star Steve Gold’s Grooming Regime

Six figure real estate broker by day, reality TV star by night on New York’s Million Dollar Listing, Steve Gold has to be camera and client ready around the clock. But as we know suiting is only half the battle won, you’ve still got to nail your hair, fragrance and skincare, so we spoke with the ex-model about his regime and advice on looking fresh for a formal occasion.

What should we be trimming our beard with and what’s an acceptable length for a formal occasion?

That’s a tough question, as I feel it is different for every man depending on the type of beard he grows. For myself, I think one week is about the max I go before it begins to look too messy for more formal settings, however, if I’m wearing a suit casually with a tee, as I normally do, I sometimes will push the envelope there.

Dry skin. No one has time for this. How do you keep your skin looking fresh?

When I hit my thirties, I started using moisturizers at night before I go to bed, and that is about the extent of my skincare regimen. I like Kiehl’s and Clinique as they are not overbearingly expensive but still high quality.

Let’s talk hair product. What do you use and what’s your process?

I usually use a matte pomade that I put through my hair when it is wet after I shower. After that, I usually just let it dry naturally.

How many fragrances should men have and how should he wear it? What do you wear?

When it comes to fragrances, I have few go-tos that I change up depending on the occasion and mood. I like Tom Ford Neroli Protofino for the day and Rive D’ambre for evenings out. My absolute favorite fragrance ever, however, is M7 from YSL. I still have a bottle that I use sparingly as it is hard to find now.

What’s your tip for not overheating when you’re wearing a full suit in the height of summer?

Lose the tie. You can still look sharp in a suit without the tie, and if you unbutton a bit, you can keep it cool, literally and figuratively.

Any other grooming tips for us to add to our regime when getting ready for a special occasion?

Know what you are comfortable with and what you aren’t. Confidence is everything and if you own it, you will own the night.

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