4 Simple Push-Ups You Can Do At Home To Get A Strong Core, Massive Arms And A Stacked Chest

We get so preoccupied in fad fitness trends like crossfit and HIIT that sometimes we forget the simple exercises that got our great grandpapas absolutely swole. The humble push-up is one of those military-grade exercises, and we’re bringing the tried-and-tested movement back into the limelight with the help of fitness influencer Evan Betts as he shows you four variations of the classic activity that will shred your arms, core and chest.

1. The Diamond Push-Up

This is one of four body weight moves to build your chest. The diamond push-up. Aesthetically deceptive, hard to execute. Place your index finger and thumb on each hand close together and descend into a push-up. Return to and focus on squeezing at the top. 5 to 10 reps of this bad boy and you should feel the burn.

2. The Archer Push-Up

Move two of four. The archer push-up is an intense push-up that asymmetrically loads the weight of your body into one arm. A great body weight move to build and tone your chest while simultaneously crushing your core and triceps.

3. The Wide Grip Push-Up

Move three of four. The wide grip push-up compromises the amount of power you can put into a push-up and forces you to focus on form. It’s a great way to build stability, a strong core, and a well rounded chest so that it doesn’t fall flat on the sides.

4. The Elevated Push-Up

Add the this elevated push-up into your routine to put a maximal amount of body weight into your push-up. You feel it before you even start your first rep. Chest, shoulders, triceps will all get crushed in this one. A you descend, try not to let your back arch. Keep a strong core from top to bottom. If you want an added core challenge, see how long you can hold that push-up at the top.

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