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Print Story: The Patterns You Need To Wear This Winter

‘Subtle’ and ‘Christmas’ don’t really go together. Just look at all the tinsel. Just look at all the baubles. Just look at Rudolph with his ostentatious red nose. If ever there was a time for peacocking, it’s the festive season. Here are the five prints and patterns you need to wear this Christmas to take your style into overdrive.

Louche and luxurious, flocked patterns make for ideal partywear. This blazer from North London’s twisted tailoring gurus Noose & Monkey isn’t designed for going out in. It’s designed for going out out in.

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WHAT. A. BANGER. Instantly become 200% more attractive to both the opposite sex and the same sex in this silk-style shirt imbued with the magical properties of paisley print.

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“Where are you? I can’t see you!” – these are the words that your desperately unfunny mates will shout in your direction when they see you wearing camo. We can only presume that natural selection will see to it that their genes aren’t passed on to future generations.

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Tie Dye
Tie dye was invented by a bunch of liberal freelance web developers in Scarborough, North Yorkshire around 1925. It’s their representation of what a self-assessment tax form looks like when you’re really tired and a feeling a bit anxious but it’s okay because you’ve just taken a fistful of psychedelic clams.

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Leopard Print
Do you remember Rod Stewart? No? Good.

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