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Our Top 5 Instagram Accounts To Follow In July

Another month, another 5 Instagram accounts we recommend you following. If you need to give your feed a freshen-up with feel-good vibes and brands worth supporting, this is the place for you.

Because you can’t seem to get enough of our Instagram articles, we thought we’d make this a monthly occurrence. That’s 5 new hand-picked Instagram accounts each month that we recommend following. Click here to see June’s, click here to see Aprils’s, and click here to see May’s.


1. @Lakikane

With lockdown restrictions easing off this weekend (still be careful though, pals), the Laki Kane’s Instagram account is bringing all those good vibes and cocktail inspo we need. Why not pop down there for a drink, too?

Click here for a throwback to our trip to Laki Kane!


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2. @Avila.diana

It’s never been more important to celebrate diversity, so for July’s top accounts, we urge you to follow Avila Chidume’s brand Avila Diana. Her spectacular work ensures inclusivity for marginalised groups through greeting cards, gifts and more. Check it out!


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3. @Outofcontexteddiehearn

Boxing fan or not, this account will have you in bits. Out Of Context Eddie Hern are the true memes of the internet.


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4. @Jonathanjandrew

Has your hair suffered during lockdown? If you’re in need of a serious hairstyle fix, head to Jonathan Andrew’s Instagram for styling tips, product suggestions and more.

Click here to see Jonathan Andrew’s top lockdown hairstyles.


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5. @Noahbakesbread

If you love carbs as much as we do, head over to Noah Bakes Bread for some wholesome content. Note before: if you scroll this page hungry, you’re doomed.


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